Time on your Hands? School in the Cloud!

    Do you have spare time that you could make available to someone else in a good cause?
    Would you like to help transform an underpriviledged child’s life?
    Do you have access to a computer, Internet, and can you use Skype?

If you can answer “Yes” to all three questions, then perhaps you would be interested in the School in the Cloud.

The starting point for this post was the page
“School in the cloud: Children with mentors on the other side of the world”

I am not going to extract vast quantities of text and repost it here. Its better if you read the original page yourself.

There are some very interesting concepts here. The principle that children will teach themselves if given the facilities to do so is something that I have also noticed. However, if guidance can be provided in addition, the learning process can be that much faster.

Furthermore, the experience of an older person can be invaluable in avoiding such pitfalls as computer scams, to which an inexperienced child would soon fall prey.

“Liz Fewings was 60 and had just retired from teaching. She lives in Hackney, east London and joined the project in 2009, after reading about it in a newspaper.”

Liz is one of the mentors known as a “Cloud Granny”. Don’t worry, I am sure that there are “Cloud Granddads” as well!

Its not all one-sided!

“But it isn’t just the children who benefit – Fewings now sees herself as a kind of auntie to Khan. “To have this relationship with somebody in India is quite exciting really for me… he has a good heart this boy,” she says.”

How about it?

Have you got what it takes to give?

You can find out by going to – https://www.theschoolinthecloud.org/


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