Web Breakup? Bring it On!

This post was prompted by a report on the Guardian website:- “Putin calls Internet a ‘CIA project’ renewing fears of web breakup”

Whether his allegation is true or false is not the issue here. We know enough from Edward Snowden’s revelations to understand that the privacy of individuals has been compromised beyond belief under the present system.

Its easy enough to do, if you have the cash and the motivation. Just tap into the optical fibre network at the relevant points, and you have free access to anything flowing along it.

To prevent this happening, we need to decentralize the network completely. We can’t do anything with the existing one, so the answer is to build a new one that suits our own purposes, and not those of the state.

To just switch over to wifi communication is not enough. We would only exchange one set of masters for another by following that path.

A true decentralized system is possible using a Mesh network, whereby the mobile phones themselves take over the role of transmission and routing.

This is not a new concept. Some years back, such a system was being developed to provide communication possibilities in areas that had no service at all, eg. regions of Africa. More recently, people have realised that existing networks can be completely decimated by natural disasters, and are working on an alternative.
See:- Wilderness communication without cell towers
“Communications should not just be for the geographically, financially otherwise fortunate — for it is the unfortunate who need it most. ”

Perhaps more advanced is the Mesh Potato.

However, as there is no dynamic IP allocation, each Mesh Potato needs to be set up for the network on which it will run. Once the network has been set up, it should be both cost and maintenance free.

OK, you say, thats fine for Africa or places where its needed, but not much use to me.

Don’t believe it!
Read this:- “Creating An Alternative Internet To Keep The NSA Out”

What can YOU do now?

Build your own mesh network of course, and get all your friends on it together. Keep track of new developments, and wherever you see an improvement, grab it.

But don’t just grab it and say nothing.

Share it with the rest of us!


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