Beware of Comments that start “Hello Web Admin”

I recently received a comment that started with “Hello Web Admin”, which was followed by a list of things that I am apparently doing wrong in my posts.

It was all very polite, of course, it went into great detail, and was in fact quite long, but certainly gave the impression that

    a) the person knows what he is talking about, and
    b) I could possibly learn something from them if I got in contact.
    c) I really needed to do something to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There was a reference to a video that will ‘tell you all about it’, and a link to where I could get more information directly.

The people that send this type of comment are entrepreneurs trying to make money on-line. I know, I followed up on the invitation.

My initial response after watching the video was – “This Sucks!”

So I wrote to the person concerned, and told him so.

He replied that this was only one of the free videos that he puts out; the ones you have to pay for are much better!

Well, this does not fit with my scheme of things at all. I was always told that if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well! And if the video was intended as advertising material for further sales, it failed miserably!

Why should I bother with SEO at all?

Well, the intention is to get a higher ranking on a Google search – ideally on the first page., and get more traffic to your blog.

The problem is that with a free WordPress blog, I do not have my own domain name – and after recent changes to the Google search algorithms my site is nowhere near where I need it. To make any difference at all, I would have to pay for a domain name.

This is one of the first things that WordPress will tell you. If you wish to sign up for their WordAds program, a custom domain is an absolute necessity. Without it, they will not entertain you at all.

After having signed up for a newsletter from the guy in question, I have now decided its all a waste of my time. I therefore hit the “Unsubscribe” button, and hope that the episode is finished.

That one may be, but there is strong evidence that other people are trying the same thing. They seem to have a defined script, possibly something they learned from some unscrupulous entrepreneur. They now receive short shrift.

Disclaimer! If you see advertisements on this blog, they are nothing to do with me!

By the way, “Hello Web Admin” is a standard mode of address if you want to contact the person running a website.

So, if you get a comment starting with “Hello Web Admin”, make sure there is nothing there that you need, then you know what to do with it.


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