The New Site is Installed!

If you look at the top menu, you will find a new site – Warning.

Its actually not a new site at all. Its one I generated for teaching purposes about 6 years ago, but I thought I had lost it altogether.

As luck would have it, I found some old ‘Zip’ files, and had a look inside. Closer inspection revealed that it was unfortunately not complete. In some ways this is a real blessing, as it was Huge. I had invested a lot of time in it.

Now, with only four countries being shown instead of most of the world, the site is a lot leaner, and easier to navigate.

Looking through the contents, I realised that although a little out-of-date, it was mostly still perfectly valid, as nobody has done anything at all in the interim to counter the problems.

In fact, looking at it seems that now was the right time after all!

So, see what you think.

I remember some shocks when looking around different parts of the world, as the system reveals where the worst affected areas will be very quickly. Brazil was certainly one of them, and Australia another.

Cooperation is Welcome!

If there is a real demand for further information in areas no longer covered, let me know, and I’ll see what can be done. But don’t expect miracles overnight – this job consumes masses of time!

Alternatively, if anyone is prepared to produce a file for their own area, they could send it to me for inclusion. It should be in GIF format to enable switching between two states, and picture size needs to be about 450 x 370.

Just include your email address in a comment to get the ball rolling!

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