Gone Viral – and with good reason!

Gone Viral – 9,845,919 views, and counting

Surprised! Elated! Amazed! Yes, I was all of those things after I had watched this:-

Surprised? Very much so!

Russell Brand had been on my personal “People to avoid at all costs” list for some years, in fact he ranked number two on it.

Why? He had severely embarrassed a young lady on a television show, which – to my way of thinking – was just not done. (This is not a secret, by the way, its all there on Wikipedia!)

I had labeled him an “uncouth lout”, and moved on.

Elated? Of course!

Russell is preaching one of the things that I maintain is absolutely essential to clean-up the political system – break it by refusing to vote! See –

And his voice is much louder than mine!

Amazed? Yes, by the sheer eloquence of this guy! I counted not a single ‘um’ or ‘er’ from his lips during the whole interview, and it really was one emotional outpouring from start to finish.

Why did I watch this video?

Well, I saw indications that the “Mad Dog of the Media”, (my terminology, but I think it is justified – see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Brand ), is morphing into a very interesting human being after all.

Google for “Is Russell Brand right? Are we disenchanted by politics?”, and “Russell Brand to write book on how to fix society, bring down government”

After watching the video, (about 4 times so far, I really enjoy it!), I am convinced that Russell’s message needs to be spread as widely as possible.

Furthermore, I find this very interesting, and I want to be kept informed of further developments, so I hit the “Follow” button on Twitter.

So, watch the video, then tell all of your friends about it.

You know it makes sense!


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