The Value of Working Off-line.

Working off-line may be something you would not normally consider, but it can be very helpful.

For those people connecting to the Internet on a monthly plan, it won’t make so much difference.

For others, such as myself, who use a Wifi Hotspot, and those who use an Internet cafe, payment is based on hours connected, and it can make a significant difference.

Some years ago now, I was using a computer network for teaching purposes, but there was no Internet connection available. Everything had to be collected from the nearest Internet cafe, and brought back on at first diskette, (horrible things), and later USB memory stick (much nicer!) This is where the habit developed.

Working off-line enabled me to minimise costs, and taught me the importance of good preparation.

Even though I now use Wifi, I still work off-line frequently, and this is not just for small things such as email. Using Wamp on my own computer, I am able to run a copy of my WordPress blog at home.

This is especially useful now, as I spend more time with each new post trying to optimise for Search Engines. I can run extra plug-ins to help me with this on my own system, as there are no restrictions. I then load the optimised copy up to the Internet.

It is also helpful when you are including pictures – its easy enough to position them first on your own system. Adjusting spacing for better readability is now a cinch.

And as a final check, you can connect to the Internet, and have both on-line and off-line pages in adjacent tabs in your browser. It then becomes very easy to spot errors, and make the final tweaks.

Don’t underestimate the value of working off-line!


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