Time Wasters – A Royal Pain in the Butt!

I must confess to a pet hate:- I do not like people to waste my time!Time wasters - Vid1

On some websites, however, and this seems to apply in particular to those with a sales pitch of any description, the protracted come-on is exactly that – a waste of my time.
Time wasters - Vid1hate
These sites make extensive use of videos, which are generally hosted on You-Tube.

Time wasters are a problem! Why?

1. If there is any useful content in the video, you need to download it, so that you can refer to it again and again as necessary. Unlike a page of text, where you can find the information you need very quickly, if you need something from a video you have to remember where it is.

2. If you download it, you may find:- Time wasters - Vid1none

    – maybe it is broken, and you can’t view it properly
    – download speeds may be slow – depends on where you are, time of day, network load, (phase of the moon?), etc.
    – the useful part of the content may be as low as 5%

3. After you have downloaded the video, you may find that it has no value for you at all, in which case, you will probably throw it away. What a waste!

Don’t get me wrong – videos can be useful! But they should not be relied on as the main source of information. Time wasters - Vid1love

Always provide a text page which gives the reader all the information they need, and give the viewer a choice. A video can usefully provide a demonstration of the results of using the information, but should not be its primary source.

I am not the only one that hates time wasters.

And I am not the only one that does not enjoy the high-speed access to the Internet that some people have.


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