I don’t do Scams!

On October 16th, 2013, I posted “A Plea For Help!”. This was something I would not normally do, but I thought that the circumstances justified me making an exception in this case. The post referred the reader to a page on the “gogetfunding” website, where there was an opportunity to donate money via Paypal to help this man. The page is no longer available, as there was a time limit for donation.

The results, I am very sad to say, were certainly a help, but not enough to get the job done. Some feedback I received from friends was that many people thought the appeal was a scam, which I found really painful. I repeat,

I Don’t Do Scams!

In fact, rather the opposite is true. People come to me when they are at all concerned about an offer they have received, and ask for my opinion as to whether it is genuine or not. Many times I have to warn them off, as the whole thing looked too suspicious. Its difficult to imagine some of the things I have seen, but one sticks in my mind because it was really so ludicrous – a particular person had ostensibly so much money that they were looking on the Internet for people who would help them spend it!

As far as the original appeal is concerned, it is unfortunately an on-going saga. Pidio, the man that was injured, still has the steel framework in his left leg, although the accident happened in August 2013 – more than 6 months ago now. Although his right leg is healing fairly well, he still needs an operation to fix the left one, and a skin graft for the left foot.

The Paypal account that was used is the same one as I am using for any contributions from the “Buy me a Beer” post. Yes, I can’t sit by and do nothing while this man is still suffering. If you want to help out too, of course your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

What I really want to be able to do, is to write a new post with the news that Pidio has been restored to health, and provide pictures to show it. But we are a long way from that point yet.

With your help, we can get there quicker!

By the way, if anybody wants pictures of Pidio in his present condition, write a comment and include a valid email address so I can send them to you.


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