When Governments Fail:-

– the people must do the job, by whatever means available, or nothing will happen.
I recently received a message from the Information Clearing House that is relevant:- Israel Is Losing the Fight Against BDS
For many years, Israel has refused to accept its responsibilities under International Law with respect to Palestine, but no government has applied serious pressure to remedy the situation. In fact, while the Israeli’s continue to police the Middle East as proxy for the US, and its allies, they are not only left to their own devices, but also supported with almost state-of-the-art weaponry.
France and the UK, as perpetrators of the evil deeds that generated the mess in the Middle East to start with, (ok, so that is a simplification for the sake of brevity), are happy to hang on the US’s coat tails and follow the party line. Europe has gone a whole step further, in that Israel is almost accepted as a member of the European Union, and receives preferential treatment that is completely unjustified on the basis of its geographical position. Israel is not, and never will be, part of Europe.
Which leaves the Palestinians where, exactly?
Until the start of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which is an emphatically anti-racist movement, based on universal principles, they were in a very sad situation. However, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), an international series of events, has become a major focal point to rally support and build up organizing for BDS on Israel. The tenth IAW comes at a time when the BDS movement has seen unprecedented growth and attention from world media as well as from Israel and the governments and institutions complicit with its ongoing crimes against Palestinians.
Is Israel worried? Judge for yourself:-
“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once more drew attention to the power of BDS by tweeting an attack on activists and falsely claiming that BDS targets Jews rather than targeting Israel’s abuses against Palestinian rights:
on Twitter – I think the most eerie thing, the most disgraceful thing is to have people on the soil of Europe talking about the boycott of Jews.
— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) February 17, 2014
on Twitter -The founders of the BDS movement make their goals perfectly clear. They want to see the end of the Jewish state.
— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) February 17, 2014
Want to help? Go to:- http://apartheidweek.org/ The week is on different dates according to country/area.
UK and US: February 24-March 2
Europe: March 1-8
Palestine: March 8 – 15
South Africa: March 10-16
Brazil: March 24-28
Arab world and Asia: TBA
Read the full call out, find out more about how to participate and check out the list of events. Lets see if we can clear up the mess that governments have left behind!
PS. I am very pleased to note the large cluster of flags in the UK and Ireland!


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