Internet Access – Almost anywhere!


After the flood, I needed to move house, and so lost the hard-wired Internet connection that I had been happily using for a while. The place I moved to had no permanent connection at all, but used a Wifi Hotspot when Internet access was required.
I debated the pro’s and con’s for a while, and decided that this would also be the answer for me.
A major advantage was that it was independent of all paperwork – I didn’t need to sign up for a plan at all. All that was required was to be able to load the device with money when necessary, and this I could do from my mobile phone simply enough.
Another plus-point was that it was free of cables, which had been another source of problem up till now.
Normally, I didn’t need to take it with me anywhere, but on one occasion – a birthday celebration – I did. This enabled us to send pictures up to the Internet instantly, as the Hotspot will drive up to 10 devices, ie. smart phones. It will run for about 4 hrs on internal battery.
I did experience some minor problems with signal, but this was down to the provider switching back in our area from 3G to 2G for a while. The problem usually disappeared during the day, and normal service resumed.
However, after moving to a different area completely, I began to realise that signal strength is probably the most important factor. After a few days of trouble-free access, I suddenly found that I could no longer get 3G signal at all.
So, I took my hotspot with me, and started walking! It indicates not only signal strength, but also type of network available, so I was able to use it as a detector to track the problem. It transpired that outside the building, the signal was good enough to access the 3G network, but inside was hit and miss. On a good day it was available, on a bad day, not.
The answer, therefore, was to hang the hotspot out of the window on an extended USB cable, and that is exactly what I have done. And now, if my neighbours want to share the connection, they only have to move in range.
If you are at all interested, check out the range from ZTE at My MF60 is by no means the fastest option, and their ZTE Eufi890 supports 4G if you need it.


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