Cracked It!

I was having major problems with a borrowed laptop. Any program I downloaded failed to install, with the message:-

Installer : Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 123: The filename, drectory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

A quick check on the Internet showed that other people were having the same problem, and curiously enough with the same program – they were also trying to install the Java Runtime Environment.

To compound the problem, I was using a new wifi link. I was therefore not sure if the link was at fault or the computer. I verified this by downloading the same installation file at an Internet cafe. I got exactly same result – it failed for the same reason. So the problem was with the laptop itself.

The most promising solution seemed to be to set up a new administrator account, and make sure the computer started up in it. This turned out to be the case, and neatly avoided the problems caused by the strange symbol in the user name that was previously the default on startup. Note that it was not enough just to switch users once the computer was running – the user with the problem name had to be avoided altogether, otherwise the addressing became invalid.

I shall sleep a bit better tonight!


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