The threat was always there, I knew. But there was always the hope that preparations would be enough, and in time to avert the worst. But this time – no such luck!

After hours of torrential rain, it became obvious that the inevitable was going to happen. I had been asleep, but something – perhaps the thunder of the rain on the roof – had awakened me. The problem was that this was 2 o’clock in the morning, and electrical power had already been switched off. There remained nothing much for it but to grab the most essentials, climb the steps to safety upstairs, and hope for the best.

It may not be so bad as the last flood, after all, in which case we would all be back to normal in a couple of days after a thorough cleanup.

Some hope!

This was the worst flood we had experienced to-date! The water level was 6ft plus a bit in my room – and literally everything was under water for two days – except for a few important documents and treasures on a very high shelf. My computer, all my clothes, my bed – all completely soaked, and thoroughly impregnated with thick slimy mud!

It took days to clean up, and I am still evaluating how much of my gear is beyond redemption. I haven’t yet even attempted to switch on the computer. The keyboard has been thrown away anyway, I have no patience more to strip it down and try to get it working properly. Likewise the mouse. Safer and less trouble to get a new one as soon as possible.

I am currently operating with a borrowed laptop, (which has its own problems), preparing stuff off-line, and going down to the Internet cafe to send email and post to my weblog. A real comedown over what I had before – a high speed connection operating day and night – downloads of 35 Gigabytes no problem.

Evaluating my situation, I decided that it was madness to continue to run the risk of being reset to zero whenever Nature had a mind to do so. Something had to be done. I am far too old to cope with this sort of total disruption.

The solution was to move to a new apartment upstairs in a different area. This should be flood-proof for the foreseeable future, and by the time Nature gets around to raising sea levels such that the new place is also at risk, I should, with luck, long since have departed this life, and hence not have a care in the world! At least, that’s the theory.

Well. I have moved – and feel much better for it. I sleep longer and more soundly at night, and no longer have this nagging worry that my surroundings could suddenly become very wet. I suppose there is always a risk with the plumbing, but that is something that is easier to deal with.

So, my friends, if you should meet a climate skeptic, just point him to this post and tell him to contact me. I’ll set him right in short measure!


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