Gone Missing!

I love tabs. When I am browsing, I go to a site, check out all the subjects of interest, and download each of them into a new tab. Then I close the original site, and go and look at each page in turn, closing those I don’t want to keep any longer.

Sometimes a tab will be left till later, as something else comes up to change the focus of my attention. And, to be honest, I don’t always clear tabs as fast as I should. This sometimes means that the browser is carrying a lot of extra load, and using far more memory space than normal, which could lead to a slowing down in performance. If this happens, I go through and purge everything I don’t really need to keep.

However, one day I did come unstuck! I noticed that one tab was showing an “ERR” indication, instead of the site logo. When I checked, I found a message to say the the page had been removed from the site, and was no longer available. If I had a query about that, I could email the address given. The page in question was;


and the removal message is still there.

The fact that when the Guardian updates its site to remove a page leads to the page I am viewing in my computer being removed is not on, as far as I am concerned, and I accordingly asked for an explanation. The reply was that it is not intentionally removed from computers that are viewing it, but when the server resets the page, browsers are automatically refreshed – which causes the loss. This is probably standard practice across the web, so the motto is “If it is important, make a copy, and save it!”

An alternative:- try to find a copy of it on the web somewhere else – its usually possible!