David Cameron’s Stealth U-Turn

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised about this, after all the guy has been taking so much flak about his public U-turns that he is probably getting a little embarrassed, (in spite of his typically thick politician’s hide). He only has himself to blame, of course, for he is ignoring the cardinal rule of politics – “Engage brain before opening mouth”!

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“Dr Wollaston, a GP with no previous experience of politics, became an MP after the first-ever open primary election.

The primary was part of the Tories attempts to involve more ordinary voters in their selection procedures.

Ahead of Dr Wollaston’s selection, Mr Cameron described primaries as an “exciting opportunity” to engage with voters and the Coalition Agreement promised: “We will fund 200 all-postal primaries over this Parliament, targeted at seats which have not changed hands for many years.”

It will never happen! The first ‘Open Primary’ was also the last!

Why? Because with an open primary, you are much more likely to get a person who his willing and determined to think for themselves, and not a “yes” person, as the parties require.

“Dr Sarah Wollaston, the MP for Totnes, said that she believed that Downing Street had shelved the idea of open primaries over fears that they may favour “outspoken” candidates.”

Note that Cameron has also found a way to further undermine Democracy within Parliament itself.

Dr Wollaston has also said that Mr Cameron’s inner circle “ignore” MPs who do not agree with the Government in order to “send a message” to backbenchers.

Dr Wollaston said she has been trying for three months to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister about public health issues.

“It’s been three months now since the Prime Minister at PMQs said he would meet with me,” she said. “I’ve spoken to his PPS [Parliamentary Private Secretary], I’ve spoken to his diary secretary, I’ve spoken to all of his team.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I have tried to get that appointment and it just isn’t happening. Whereas I know other colleagues have been seen and you have to ask yourself what is that about? I think it’s about sending a message to people who say things that aren’t approved of [that we will] make it impossible for you to have access. I find that anti-democratic.”


We have an elected MP telling us that the Prime Minister is behaving in an anti-democratic manner. She is perfectly correct, and it is nothing new!

By the way, what is Cameron’s favourite song?
This just has to be “Reviewing The Situation”, from Oliver. You remember it, of course – “I think I’ll have to think it out again”!