Ooops! Sorry. Did I kill it?

Does anyone remember a website called Citzalia? You can get some information on it at –

European Parliament launches Citzalia game


Citzalia – the virtual ghost European Parliament (really, why spend money on this?)

makes interesting reading.

However, the site itself is no longer available.

While it was still up and running, I became a Beta-tester, and duly reported any bugs I found. I noticed that the pace of development was rather slow – in fact, it never got past the testing stage.

Every month there would be 2 items listed on the front page of the site as “Hot Topics”, and after having read them for a while, I decided that they were rather lame, and appeared to have little to do with the purpose of the site. So, I sent in one of my own. It happened to be one that you can access here –

It was duly posted as the first hot topic on the page – and then nothing else happened. It was never changed after that point, and was never removed to make way for a different post. In fact, it was still there over a year later! As far as I know, it “went down with the ship”, and finally disappeared when access to the site was lost.

Subsequently, I did wonder if I had finally nailed the coffin shut, or that my post was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I can’t honestly say that I regret what I did. There must be better ways to get the job done.

The domain itself is now up for grabs on Sedo, apparently the world’s largest domain marketplace. Any takers?


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