Stupidity or Deception?

David Cameron has stated “It is time to look again at GM food”, and that he wanted to foster a “pro-science culture” in the UK.

Thr Environment secretary, Owen Paterson is just as bad.

“I believe that GM offers great opportunities but I also recognise that we owe a duty to the public to reassure them that it is a safe and beneficial innovation.”

Sorry Owen, reassurances just don’t cut it. We insist on cast iron guarantees. Its our health and future you are toying with!

“Last year farmers lost £1.3billion from poor harvests and higher feed bills for cattle, making the need for new technology even more urgent.”

Not surprising at all, considering the miserable summers involved. However, the technology needed is to combat climate change, not to grow GM food!

And what of the science that you are talking about? Where is it? If you are referring to advertising guff from GM companies, you can pack your bags now and go home! The peer reviewed scientific reports on GM foods I find all point to the fact that GM foods do not live up to the claims made by their proponents.

Take this, for example;-

“GM agriculture is failing on all counts while hazards to health and the environment are coming to light. Opposition to GMOs is gaining momentum worldwide but the expansionist GM corporate agenda continues undiminished. GM agriculture is a recipe for disaster as this report will make clear. It is also standing in the way of the shift to sustainable agriculture already taking place in local communities all over the world that can truly enable people to feed themselves in times of climate change. Take action now to ban environmental releases of GMOs, locally in communities, villages, towns, municipalities, regions, as well as nationally and globally. We the people need to reclaim our food and seed sovereignty from the corporate empire before they destroy our food and farming irreversibly.”

This is the header from the page at

I urge you to read the Executive Summary in full. If you want the whole report, it can be ordered from their website.

Furthermore, there is a comparison of agricultural performance over the last 50 years from Professor Heinemann’s team at the
University of Canterbury – Christchurch, New Zealand.

Researcher says GM a failing biotechnology

“We found that the combination of non-GM seed and management practices used by western Europe is increasing corn yields faster than the use of the GM-led packages chosen by the US.”

“Our research showed rapeseed (canola) yields increasing faster in Europe without GM than in the GM-led package chosen by Canada and decreasing chemical herbicide and even larger declines in insecticide use without sacrificing yield gains, while chemical herbicide use in the US has increased with GM seed.”

“Europe has learned to grow more food per hectare and use fewer chemicals in the process. The American choices in biotechnology are causing it to fall behind Europe in productivity and sustainability.”

If we start to look at soil degradation problems in the US, we will probably find some of the answers to lower yields and increased fertiliser requirement. What it amounts to is simply that US farmers are not as good as those in Europe!

Of course, if this is all deception, it begins to make some sense. Promoting GM food is the same as promoting wider control of the food chain via patents. If it is control you are seeking, go back to your US masters and tell them “No Deal”.

No, Mr.Cameron. Show me your science, or go away. I take nothing from you on trust any more!

By the way, we are fully aware of your “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude, and it won’t wash.
GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster

And one last little snippet:-
“Mr Paterson also stressed that modified crops were safe, relying on reassuring verdicts produced by the pro-GM European Commission. But his assurances were immediately undermined when Downing Street refused both to endorse them or – despite being invited to do so 10 times – to say whether the Prime Minister and his family would eat GM foods.”

Bon appetit!

Ooops! Sorry. Did I kill it?

Does anyone remember a website called Citzalia? You can get some information on it at –

European Parliament launches Citzalia game


Citzalia – the virtual ghost European Parliament (really, why spend money on this?)

makes interesting reading.

However, the site itself is no longer available.

While it was still up and running, I became a Beta-tester, and duly reported any bugs I found. I noticed that the pace of development was rather slow – in fact, it never got past the testing stage.

Every month there would be 2 items listed on the front page of the site as “Hot Topics”, and after having read them for a while, I decided that they were rather lame, and appeared to have little to do with the purpose of the site. So, I sent in one of my own. It happened to be one that you can access here –

It was duly posted as the first hot topic on the page – and then nothing else happened. It was never changed after that point, and was never removed to make way for a different post. In fact, it was still there over a year later! As far as I know, it “went down with the ship”, and finally disappeared when access to the site was lost.

Subsequently, I did wonder if I had finally nailed the coffin shut, or that my post was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I can’t honestly say that I regret what I did. There must be better ways to get the job done.

The domain itself is now up for grabs on Sedo, apparently the world’s largest domain marketplace. Any takers?