Beat him to the Ignore!

As much as I’d love to, I can’t take credit for the title. It comes from some almost forgotten radio show, perhaps Morecambe and Wise, perhaps Anthony Hancock – its so long ago now that my memory loses precision. However, it must have been one of those really memorable phrases to have stuck there in my brain for so long, and still be retrievable – intact.

Enough of the prevarication! What’s this all about?

In a nutshell – an ON-LINE BOYCOTT!

Any webmaster worth his salt is going to be concerned about his site statistics, and the number of views per page is going to be an important indicator for him of its importance as far as the viewers are concerned. Anything that does not get viewed very often does not need to be repeated, as the viewers have no interest in reading it.

Do you realise what a powerful weapon this gives us?

I have a list of people to ignore on-line. Its not very long, as yet – I am a fairly tolerant person – but I recently added a new name – Tony Blair.


It seems he wants to get back into the limelight, and I would prefer him to go to the ICC and confess his sins, and then disappear into a dark hole – forever!


Simple. Any web page or link to anything with Tony Blair on it – DO NOT CLICK! Show the webmaster that he has erred abominably – almost sinned – in his choice of content, and you absolutely refuse to read such utter drivel.


As often as you see that horrible name!

I suppose this is a new twist – Online Inactivism – but what the heck, if it gets the message across.

I am not alone. If you should wonder why that is, look at Never let them bury the truth about Tony Blair

The other name on my short list? Russel Brand.

The list could get longer very soon!
(If I ever find out that you have clicked on a Blair article – your name might be added!)


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