Its all gone Quiet!

Amazing. Only one spam comment in just over a week. Wonderful!

What does this tell us?

Well, I make inferences as follows:-

– Spammers want an easy life – make it a little difficult for them them, and they probably won’t bother.
– Spammers want their comments to be in a place where they are easily visible, or they just don’t bother.
– Measures taken to combat spammers may also inhibit normal comments.

Its time for more tweaks, I think.

Previously, most comments were directed to one particular page – Accuracy. This was rather odd, as it wasn’t a main blog item. Furthermore, the statistics never showed a visit to that page whenever a comment had been made. The latest comment, (which you won’t see at all, because I haven’t moderated it yet), is on the new Comments Page – that being the only possibility left. This comment is in Russian, or some similar language, so I have no choice but to throw it away. Once again, there is no record of anyone having visited the site to make the comment. Curious! Perhaps there is a glitch in the WordPress system here?

I am going to leave comments off on all existing content, and will enable comments again for new items. I may later use a further option, and that is to put a time limit on them. This means that they will be turned off after a certain number of days. At first, however, they will be perfectly normal.

We’ll see how it goes from there!


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