Enough is Enough!

Although the daily number of spam comments was lower than the peak, there was no sign of them reducing and stopping – so the axe has fallen. Comments on individual articles and posts have all been switched off!

However, I don’t see a blog as a one-way system. I am writing things that I hope are informative, topical, and perhaps controversial, and I expect that some readers would like the opportunity to say something about what they read – especially where they disagree with me.

I have accordingly set up a separate page for comments, and the link to it is clearly visible at the top of the right-hand column. There are some suggestions as to how it should be used:-

– You may leave a comment here, but please reference the post to which it refers.
– If you would like me to contact you, please leave a valid email address in a comment.

Note that comments relating directly to any of the posts are most welcome.
Comments full of blather about how you found a certain page completely by accident, or was recommended to you by your Uncle Harry are of no value to any of us, so don’t bother to send them.
The same goes for the position of any posts in Google.

I have already explained how to easily find a post in Google Ratings , and have no interest at all in doing anything more.

If you have a different opinion about something, and want to say so, please be as precise as possible about the differences. Vague generalities are of no practical value.

According to the site statistics, Akismet has protected the site from 1,509 spam comments already. That is more than enough, I would say.

If the above measures do not have the desired effect, we’ll see what else needs to be done.