Evidence Against GM Accumulates!

The latest I have from ISIS is “GM Soy Linked to Illnesses in Farm Pigs” which references an article on GMWatch –
GM soy linked to health damage in pigs – a Danish Dossier

Of course, Denmark is renowned for ‘Makin Bacon’, and the rearing of pigs forms an important part of GDP. When this goes wrong, they are in trouble. And it has been going wrong. The cause was apparently GM Soy being fed to the pigs.

Borup Pedersen, the farmer who had the problem, (and not the only one), produced a list of 10 effects that were disrupting his operation. Diarrhoea was a persistent problem, sows were dying, litters were smaller, nursing piglets was a big problem with no sows available. In essence, unless he could find a solution to his problems, it looked as though his business had ceased to be viable.

“Mr Pedersen says: “I have been looking after my 450 sows with the same worker for 5 years, and our management of the animals is unchanged. That is clearly not the reason for our improved results. When I switched to non-GMO soy in April 2011, I chose not to tell my employee, but he was nevertheless quick to notice a difference. “You’ve changed the diet,” he said to me a few days after the switch to GM-free soya feed. “Well, what’s wrong now?” I asked, but it turned out that for the first time in many months there had not been any animals needing to be injected with Borgal against piglet diarrhoea. The positive trend has remained ever since and has indeed been further enhanced over the last year. Just the savings I have accomplished in medicine expenses have paid for the extra cost of the GMO-free soy.””

On the ISIS site itself, I found an article which covers the other end of the chain on GM Soy – the farmers that grow it.
Argentina’s Roundup Human Tragedy from which I will just quote the sub-headings:-
– GM soy a death sentence for humans and the environment
– Scientists corroborate birth defects & threatened by organised mob
– Revolutionary ruling ban agrochemical sprays
– State commission reports birth defects up fourfold in ten years
– Embryonic defects at well below legal exposure levels
– Long list of peer-reviewed studies document glyphosate toxicities

Do find the time to read it all in detail – it is really informative!

I really must include this too. USDA Scientist Reveals All
The sub-title is “Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers”

“In less than an hour, Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University and USDA senior scientist delivered to the UK Houses of Parliament a damning indictment of glyphosate agriculture as a most serious threat to the environment, livestock, and human health.”

A fully illustrated and referenced version of this report is posted on ISIS members website and is otherwise available for download, but must be purchased. However, there is a 20 minute video by Professor Don Huber which is well worth watching;- “Don Huber Interview – Roundup Ready GMOs – PATHOGEN NEW TO SCIENCE”

The enemy never sleeps!

The latest move by Monsanto is to strip the rights of federal courts to halt the sale and planting of genetically engineered crops during the legal appeals process, when a complaint has been lodged against them. Please go to Food Democracy Now, and support the campaign to block this.

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