Land of the Free? I Think Not!

Those stirring words of the American National Anthem are fast becoming a part of Mythology. They belong now to tales that start with “Once upon a time….”, in fact, if the truth were told, perhaps they always did.

The population of the Americas by Europeans is a sordid tale of Ethnic Cleansing. The indigenous residents, and owners of the land, were systematically wiped out, rounded up, incarcerated in “Reservations”, and subsequently treated as curiosities to be kept at arms length for safety. Treaties granting them sovereignty over their reservations were violated with impunity, especially after the discovery of coveted mineral resources.

“James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, said no member of the US Congress would meet him as he investigated the part played by the government in the considerable difficulties faced by Indian tribes.

Anaya said that in nearly two weeks of visiting Indian reservations, indigenous communities in Alaska and Hawaii, and Native Americans now living in cities, he encountered people who suffered a history of dispossession of their lands and resources, the breakdown of their societies and “numerous instances of outright brutality, all grounded on racial discrimination”.

The quotations above are from US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations

And note:- “President Obama signed legislation in December 2010 authorizing payment for a similar, though far larger, settlement for Indians. That money, totaling $3.4 billion, has not been distributed because of several pending lawsuits.”

“Native American tribes are celebrating a major victory in their battle for equal treatment after the US supreme court ruled that the government could no longer short-change them over contracts for public services.

In a ruling announced on Monday, the justices sided 5-4 with the tribes, who had taken out a class action suit complaining that they were being treated unfairly by the department of the interior.”

See Native American tribes owed millions from government, supreme court rules for full details.

Since September 11, 2001, free speech has come under attack for Muslim Americans. There are two short videos on this at

And not only for Muslims; – The following speech was given by Justin Warren of Occupy The Stage. Justin is currently behind bars for making this speech on the steps of the Louisiana state capitol without purchasing a permit.

All over America government control freaks are forcing preppers back on to the grid. This is one of the articles at The American Dream.

An example of this is Denise Morrison, who is sueing the City of Tulsa for cutting down her edible garden.

Whatever freedoms have been taken from the general public, however, seem to have been passed on to the police. It seems that recording the police may be dangerous, but is necessary. If you go to this page, Police Brutality the video will clearly show you why!

God Help Americans!