It Just Won’t Lie Down – Will It!!!

This one will not go away until the US government finally admits to the truth.

I remember very vividly my reaction to the news on that fateful day in 2001, September 11th. As I watched the video of the two towers falling, there was only one word in my head – “Noooooo…!!!!” The very next thought was one of suspicion. This was too convenient, too pat, and also too obvious that the warnings that had been given had been ignored – deliberately? I promptly shook the members of the Greenpeace site to the core with the following post:-
“The question must be asked. Was this self-inflicted?”

Nothing I have seen anywhere on the Internet since that day has done anything to shake that conviction. On the contrary, in spite of official denials, ‘final reports’, and associated whitewash, my conviction has only become stronger. There are conspiracy theories, of course, as there should be. This is perfectly natural and desirable when there is such evidence of a conspiracy having been perpetrated. What is not correct, is to brand these theories as “false”, for these are the only way we will ever bring the truth to the light of day.

It seemed clear to me from what investigation I had been able to do, that the initial crime – the flying of two aircraft into the WTO towers – had been used to mask a far bigger one. Furthermore, if terrorists had carried out the bigger one, it could not have been foreign terrorists – they were already dead. No, these terrorists were Americans! They were still very much alive, and occupied very powerful places in government!

In fact, compounding crimes were carried out on a daily basis for months after the event, as, truckload by truckload, evidence of the crime was systematically removed from the scene. This could only have happened as almost the whole country was in a state of shock. The ones that weren’t in shock were the ones that organised the whole thing, of course, and they were able to continue the plan without opposition.

If your eyes haven’t been opened already, this needs to be done now. Find just 2 hours 15 minutes of your time to watch the video below:-

Of course, after your eyes have been opened, you will begin to realise that the “War on Terror” is looking in totally the wrong place for the worst terrorists. They are in fact at home, in the US, and they are still in the positions of power that they occupied then.

You will begin to realise that the whole basis for the wholesale restriction of freedoms in the name of “National Security” is false.

You may also begin to understand that by exporting the “War on Terror” to other countries, they too are suffering from a loss of freedom – all leveraged on the back of something that was probably the biggest crime perpetrated in the US. You are doing the world no favours at all!

America, you have evildoers in high places.
If you wish to survive, you must remove them!