Blog Tweaks.

As time goes by, experience with the blog is gathered, as a result of which some changes may be desirable. We are at such a point with this blog at the moment.

I have added links to every post for sharing, but have intentionally omitted a link to Facebook – as I never use it, and would not particularly recommend it to others. If, however, anyone would like Facebook added to the list of possibilities, just tell me so in a comment.

At the moment, comments are allowed for everything, but this may change in the near future.

Running a blog is not just about writing posts, or producing pages, and all that is entailed with those processes. There is a certain amount of administration to do as well, and the amount depends on what readers are doing with the comments. Normally it is not so much of a problem, but today I did get a surprise – 42 comments had been trapped in the SPAM net, and each one had to be dealt with separately.

A quick scan revealed that most of them had been written by one person – with varying names and fictitious email addresses. They were all trying to sell something, which is something I have no truck with at all, so I deleted the lot. However, I don’t just delete something before I have checked it out, and there is a certain amount of effort involved, of course.

Well, to be quite candid about it – I have better things to do with my time!

We’ll see how it goes from here. I do have a remedy for the problem, but it is a rather bigger hammer than I would really like to use.
Nevertheless, if necessary, I will turn off all comments.
That will settle their hash!

In theory, that would leave readers with no chance at all to contact me, which I don’t find particularly useful. I am therefore preparing an alternative, which will be implemented if it becomes necessary. What, you want an email address? There is one of course, but it is also an open invitation to spammers to publish it. Ask for it in a comment, and give me a valid email address to reply to.