Syria – The Truth – Where Is It?

You will not hear the truth from any of the mainstream media, unless events should prove that stories they have published are outright lies, and even then don’t expect a full retraction or apology. Even if a correction is given, it will never be in full view with an appropriate headline, but tucked away in a backwater somewhere in the hope that it will be completely overlooked.

You will not hear the truth from Hilary Clinton. If Assad sent his car for repair, she would probably complain bitterly that it was being returned in working order, and she conveniently forgot to mention that it was his helicopters that were being returned by the Russians.

You will not hear the truth from any of the Western leaders. The statements that are made are spinning so fast that you will become dizzy if you listen to them.

It is also becoming clear that we will not necessarily hear the truth from the United Nations either!

No, we have to look for other sources, and hope that they are more accurate.

I have no guarantees. It is the same for me as for any of you reading this post – I can only watch, listen, and try to decide if what is being presented is likely to be the truth, or anywhere close to it. I can give you a source that I use that is freely available, and leave it up to you to make your own decisions. One source I have found is the series of Syrian Girl videos on YouTube. To get you started, I will link to a relevant one here:-

Syrian Houla Massacres: Divide & Conquer Strategy Exposed
“The mainstream media is blaming the Houla massacre on the syrian military. However facts on the ground do not match this statement. The massacres in Syria are purposeful, to fuel a civil war in my country and pave the way for foreign interventions.”

You need to recognise the smell of treachery. There is much more coming!