This Could Be A Winner Anywhere!

Necessity is the mother of invention – the Greeks have proved it yet again. Take a look at-
Greek farmers rent patches of land to citydwellers in scheme to combat crisis

If you are familiar with the Greek language, you will be able to get more information from here

but for lesser mortals such as myself, we will have to make do with the writeup on the Guardian website.

“The idea behind the name (which means ‘Become a farmer’) is straightforward: citydwellers rent a patch of land from a farmer, tell him what they would like grown on it, and get their own fresh vegetables delivered to them weekly. And unlike some services elsewhere, it costs them on average 70% less than at the supermarket or greengrocers.”

“It works like this: customers go online, and state the size of plot they want (generally between 70m2 and 100m2, depending on the size of the household). At least a month in advance, they select the produce they want, choosing from a list of 10 summer and 10 winter vegetables.

The produce is then delivered weekly, on one of two pre-agreed days, and within 24 hours of being picked. If the customers are away or on holiday, they can check a box asking for their delivery to be donated to an Athens soup kitchen (from September, they’ll be able to opt to pay 10% more than their regular subscription, on the understanding that the farmer will grow 10% more and it will be donated to an organisation helping the hungry or homeless).”

The site went live two days ago. “Since then it has had 50,000 visitors in the Athens area alone. More than 5,000 of those have created accounts online and tried to rent a plot of land, rather overwhelming the organisation’s resources. More than 900 farmers have said they want to join up, and more than 1,000 emails have come in from people praising the idea and asking when it will be available where they live. This week, deliveries to the first 100 families got underway, from the first four farms to have signed up.”

Ok, so you can’t produce olive oil in the UK, but you could tie into the Greek system and find a workable solution, I’m sure.

Doesn’t this sound better than “Dig for Victory” to you?