How Bad Can it Get?

It has been fairly obvious for a long time now that the UK government is completely out of touch with the wishes and needs of the population. We only need to look at the number of U-turns to get an indication of that. But the latest statement to emanate from the seat of government proves it beyond a shadow of doubt. Take a look at –
The people don’t want a referendum on Europe, insists No 10

“In a claim that will irritate many voters and Conservative MPs, David Cameron’s spokesman said there was no popular support for it. Resolving the eurozone crisis was a greater priority, she said.”

Fortunately for the woman concerned, her name was not given. This may have been an oversight, but is more likely to have been deliberate. If the name was known there is a high risk that she may be torn limb from limb by a pack of baying referendum-hungry hounds at the earliest opportunity. Not that this would have much useful effect. Another spokesperson would be appointed, and the heads would remain buried in the sand.

“Mr Cameron’s spokesman said: “Should there be any chance of powers going from Westminster to Brussels then that will trigger a referendum. But in terms of our membership of the EU, he feels that is not something we should have a referendum on now. That is not something that the British people want right now.”

Cameron should start reading the comments below this article – he might just have his eyes opened!

New comments are coming thick and fast. Comment no 1331 contained the following, which I find particularly astute:-
Government can not solve the problem, government is the problem.

Perhaps more telling is the comment that provided the reference to the e-petition “Britain wants referendum to leave EU”, which already has 57,729 signatures –
the number having increased by 28 in the last 15 minutes.

The petition can be found at

I strongly recommend that you get all your friends to sign this, and show Cameron and his cohorts what this is all about!

If you have only clowns in charge, the best you can hope for is a circus!