The State of the Union.

I refer of course to the European Union – this bastard child, born in iniquity of parents with negative qualifications – greed, and lust for power – with only some of the essential attributes to ensure survival, and in spite of the needs and wishes of the general European population. It is in fact the brainchild of the elites of this world, and is intended as a stepping stone to ever-closer integration and control – ultimately leading to a single World Government – with the US being nominally at the top of the heap, but in reality only acting for the shadowy figures lurking in the background – the real puppetmasters.

As a free-trade area, it could have functioned successfully indefinitely. As a fiscal union with a common currency, without political union it was doomed to failure. It would only be a matter of time. Both fiscal and political union could not have been achieved together – there would have been no chance of that with the amount of opposition that would have been generated. As a purely fiscal union, it suffered from the diversity of its many parts. We have on the one hand the German economists – frugal, to the greater part honest, and industrious – on the other hand there are various members who indulge their favourite national sport of tax evasion, are profligate with the wealth endowed by being able to borrow large sums at a rate tailored for German customers, and who really exhibit no propensity at all to long-term financial stability of their own making.

Add to this mix the vagaries of the world financial situation, and under adverse conditions we have all too easily a situation that can only be described as “Explosive”.

This is the point we have now reached.

We must decide what to do about it.

The proponents of the new world order are of course advocating to “bite the bullet”, “take the medicine”, “tighten the belt”, “grin and bear it”, but under no circumstances deviate from the course they have dictated, (irrevocably, you will note), and it will all come “Right” in the end. No doubt it will, if we wait long enough, and can survive while we are waiting. The only thing that is missing – and to my way of thinking it is rather a big point – is that nobody has ever defined what “Right” is. If we should find ourselves back in an era of serfdom – which seems highly likely the way things are headed at the moment – this definition of “Right” is not one which holds any attraction for the majority of the people residing in this area.

At the same time, the “Fear” button is being pressed very hard. “If you deviate from the path we have prescribed, all sorts of nasty things could happen over which you have no control at all.” So, what’s new? Its exactly what we have got at the moment, and we were not the ones who caused the problem.

Iceland’s experience says they are wrong.
Argentina has rejected their dogma, and is fighting its way through.
You can’t know how bad a devil is until you meet it. If you deliberately avoid a meeting, you may miss a great opportunity, for devils can’t come any worse than the ones we know already.

The union is about to change. Change is carefully being prepared, but how and what will change exactly cannot be precisely determined at this point. At one time, it was sacrilege to talk about a country “leaving the Euro”, but now active preparation is being made for exactly that eventuality. The Greek Referendum, which the various European governments condemned outright as being an example of democracy and sovereign authority that would not be tolerated, as a result of the failed Greek election, has now morphed into “If Greece should leave the Euro”, or even “When Greece leaves the Euro”.

Even though treaty may have been deemed irrevocable***, in the face of superior might – ie. the collapse of a partner nation – the treaty cannot be maintained.

*** I seriously question the legitimate right of any government to negotiate an “Irrevocable Treaty” on behalf of its citizens.
I do not believe that any current constitution empowers this.

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Syriza party, seems to be a reasonably sensible fellow, but I still don’t understand how he expects to reject the bailout agreement that has been negotiated, and still remain in the Euro. Time will tell. In the meantime, he says:-

“We have never been in such a bad place. After two and a half years of catastrophe, the Greek people are on their knees; the social state has crumbled; one in two youngsters is out of work; there are people leaving en masse; the climate psychologically is one of pessimism, depression, mass suicides. We cannot accept that this is the future of a European country. And precisely because we recognise the problem is European, and it will spread to the rest of Europe, we are sounding the alarm bell and are appealing to the people of Europe to support us in an effort to stop this descent into what can only be called social hell.”

This is from Alexis Tsipras warns Greek crisis is also Europe’s

I note that Spain is having another crisis;
Spain faces ‘total emergency’ as fear grips markets

In Ireland, where the “Fear” button has been pumped very hard by the pro-Europeans, the result of a referendum on the EU Fiscal Treaty is awaited. Will the Irish rock the European foundations yet again, or will they vote “Yes” first time? We must wait and see.

So, for those members of the Union wishing to remain in it, we can foresee at least a decade of austerity such has not been known since the end of WWII, if we continue on the prescribed path.

The question is – “Is this really necessary?

Perhaps a better alternative would be to revert to a system that we know worked better – a simple free-trade area!

But this would mean disbanding the Union!

Of course! Why not? You would probably find a lot of problems would simply cease to exist!

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