Steve Hilton will Not be Missed!

Exactly who, and what, is Steve Hilton?

According to Wikipedia, he is the son of Hungarian immigrants to England, and was born in 1969, some 13 years after his parents had claimed asylum. One would expect that he was brought up with a mixed culture – probably a large part of it Hungarian, as it would have taken a long period for his parents to assimilate into the British way of life. This is a curious sort of person to find as chief advisor to the British Prime Minister indeed, but in fact that is what he became, on a £200,000+ salary.

His claim to fame? His apparently successful career as a “People Persuader” with Saatchi & Saatchi, and a long friendship with David Cameron. He is apparently the orchestrator of the “Big Society”, and was instrumental in rebranding the Conservatives as greener, and kindlier. Well, we can all see what happened to the “Big Society” after the funding for it was removed, and as far as “Green” is concerned, David Cameron must be colour blind!

Steve Hilton is not exactly popular in Parliamentary circles, see –
Setback for Cameron as senior Conservatives revolt against shaven-headed ’10-year-old’ image supremo

“Steve Hilton, the reclusive, shaven-headed strategy director who has masterminded the rebranding of the Conservatives, has been warned that he is alienating key party figures by bombarding them with jargon-filled emails telling them ‘how to think’.”

He is apparently recommending the American method of doing things wherever possible, and this is where he is at his most dangerous. The idea that the American system and culture is in any way beneficial to the UK is a fallacy. The UK has its own culture, and it must be protected against any form of dilution. The American culture applied in any other country than America has one specific purpose only, and that is to benefit American business! Dare I also suggest that the American culture is not working too well in America either at present.

Steve Hilton’s parting shot was to recommend a complete overhaul of the Civil Service, with the affirmation that it would run perfectly well with a 90% staff reduction, and a further £25bn in cuts. Although there may well be some truth in the idea that there is inefficiency that could be weeded out, such a drastic pruning amounts to coppicing, which would leave the service completely ineffective. Although the Civil Service may not be functioning at full efficiency, it is performing a vital role in government – the brakes! This must surely be apparent from the number of U-turns Cameron has made since taking office. And a U-turn is far better than the implementation of a ridiculous law, which only has to be subsequently rescinded – like the Poll Tax.

Personally, I will not mourn the departure of Steve Hilton. I think he is finally going to the country of his dreams, and with any luck he will choose to stay there longer – much longer. His dreams have only turned into our nightmares!

I don’t think I am alone in my opinion by any means. If you look at
Has Steve Hilton been good for Downing Street?
you will see that 80.8% are saying “No” to this question.

If he is not good for Downing Street, he cannot be good for the UK as a whole!

I vote that his sabbatical be made indefinite. We don’t want him back!