A Question of Loyalty.

Loyalty is all about who your REAL friends are. Those that will stick with you and support you through thick and thin, and will hopefully gently point out that you are on the wrong track if you try to do something stupid.

Politicians are not our real friends at all, even though they might kiss a few babies now and again. They are not loyal to us. Their loyalty lies somewhere between their own families, the political party they belong to, and the people behind the scenes that supply the money. We don’t figure in their loyalty calculation at all!

I was sent an article yesterday:- “AMERICA: Desperate Times Demand Revolutionary Measures”, by Prof. Peter Phillips.

I read this article, and found it interesting, but thought that it didn’t go far enough. Voting for a non-mainstream party is still voting for a political party, and to really revolutionize the system we must do more than that. Accordingly, I sent its author the following email:-


I fully understand the frustration with the existing system, but don’t think that you are proposing the right way of dealing with it. It is basically a question of loyalty. If we can never elect representatives that are loyal first and foremost to the people that elect them, we will never get a representative that will act in our interests instead of somebody else’s. They will always support the ones that supplied the money to get them into a position of power, and those that continue to bribe them, in one form or another.

As I see it, if we vote for anyone who is a candidate of any political party, we are shooting ourselves in the foot, for we know in advance that their loyalty is in the wrong place.

Instead of that, I am advocating in the strongest possible terms that we break the system, by spoiling the ballot in a specific way. Simply write “No Suitable Candidate” across it, and don’t vote for any of them.

The election is the point at which the electorate says either
“Yes, we will continue with this system, even though we bitch and moan about it, and know that it is completely corrupt”, or
“No, this is where it must stop. We need something better than this!”
And note that at an election, the protest can be done perfectly peacefully, with nobody getting shot, jailed, or unduly outraged.

Each constituency must be able to select its own candidates for election. This is the only way to get representatives who are loyal to those that elected them.

I have written much more on this subject. If you have the time, please got to
and there is much more if you can browse the site at greater length.

This message needs to be promulgated loud and clear around the world. Democracy already has the ultimate control mechanism built-in, but nobody has ever used it.
Now is the time to clean up!

Best regards,”

Much to my amazement, I had a reply within minutes:-


I think that we totally agree.


This must be the way to go. Vote only for someone who will be loyal to you!