ConDem’nd! – Keep Out – ASSET-STRIPPERS AT WORK!

Now those misbegotten wretches have shown their true colours! This is the sorry saga of the risk register on the changes to the NHS. Read it for yourselves:-

NHS bill: keeping parliament in dark is a constitutional outrage

“Constitutional legitimacy has plagued the health and social care bill. The prime minister started by breaking an election pledge not to make yet another top-down reorganisation of the NHS. There is, therefore, no electoral mandate for the bill.”

“The coalition government objected within the Freedom of Information Act to the disclosure of the transitional risk register covering the health and social care bill, but the information commissioner, supported by the first-tier tribunal, judged that this risk assessment should be published.”

NHS reforms: government to defy order to publish risk register

“The government will not release its own assessment of the risks posed by its NHS shakeup, despite a second legal ruling that it must stop keeping the document secret.”

“The information rights tribunal rejected the DH’s bid to overturn the commissioner’s ruling after a two-day hearing earlier this week at which witnesses for the DH argued, unsuccessfully, for it to be kept private lest it set a precedent that would undermine government departments’ ability to assess the risks of pursuing particular policies.”

NHS risk register’s publication vetoed by cabinet

“The official assessment of the risks involved in the government’s NHS shakeup will never be published after the cabinet exercised its rare right of veto to keep it secret. The move ends a 19-month campaign by the Labour MP John Healey for publication of the Department of Health’s own analysis of the damage its radical NHS overhaul may cause.”

Never mind the fact that “The Prime Minister David Cameron says the Government’s release of official data will change the way we use our public services.” That was a load of BS, just as most of the other spin that comes out of his mouth! See

David Cameron: We are creating a new era of transparency
“This incredible demand shows the power of transparency, and why we need more of it. Information is power. It lets people hold the powerful to account, giving them the tools they need to take on politicians and bureaucrats. It gives people new choices and chances, allowing them to make informed judgments about their future.”

You wish!

It seems that transparency has its limits, and will only be allowed where it suits them. Anything that could possibly slow down the race to sell off what is left – even though “sweeteners” may be required, will remain taboo.

It is quite apparent that there is something to hide, and we need to have it out in the open! The corporate vultures are gathering.

We need a good whistleblower – any volunteers?

Oh yes, if you wanted to sign the e-petition for disclosure, you can’t! It was closed on 16/04/2012!

Whatever it is that is rotten in the state of Denmark, is beginning to smell like my favourite perfume!