Dead Men and Jailbirds Can’t Say No!

“What is this life if, full of care
We have no time to ….”

from “Leisure”, by W. H. Davies

Sorry, but “stand and stare” just doesn’t cut it anymore. “Sit and think” would be far more appropriate, but it doesn’t rhyme.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of comments arriving at the “Accuracy” page. You see 25 at the moment, but there have been many more than that. The problem with the ones you don’t see was that they were detected as spam. This happens automatically when the person making the comment puts a link back to something that is making money for them. Another problem occurs when the email address given doesn’t function. A normal, correct comment, on the other hand, triggers a message to my email, and I can respond to it very quickly.

It seems that many people are in the same situation that I was in before I found the time to think about democracy, and what was wrong with it, and more or less accepted that it was a state of affairs that existed, and would continue to exist in perpetuity, for there was nothing that could be done to change that state.

I now know that this view is completely wrong, and the situation can be radically changed for the better both simply, and peacefully.

Lets go back a bit to find a reasonable starting point.

The democratic system works on the principle of voting for people to represent you, and form a government, which acts on your behalf.
If you disagree with what the government is doing, you have to make it known that you are saying “No”. Doing nothing, legally means saying “Yes”.
If the government does not want to hear you saying “No”, it will make it difficult for you to do so.
The only time the government actually wants to hear what you are saying, is at the next election.
At the election, you can say “No”, without fear of difficulties.
How to say no is very simple – write “No Suitable Candidate”, (or the equivalent), on the ballot paper.
With nobody supporting any of the available candidates at all, the government must collapse, and the system comes to a halt.

We must know what we want to achieve when this happens.
I have given this some thought also, and offer a ‘possible solution’ for discussion at
Possible Solution

The Mandate

The government may claim to have a mandate, but this cannot be true.
See Accuracy
Under the present system, a mandate would only be possible during a free vote, and there are precious few of these.

However, a government claim to a mandate is based on conjecture, supposition, sleight of hand, and similar nasty tricks, and they do what they want to do anyway. I propose to change all that by defining exactly what the government is mandated to do by the electorate, and what it is not allowed to do. Then there can be no conjecture, and no argument. There will be no declaration or support of war without the people of the country agreeing to it. There will be no lobbying by foreign or industrial powers in secret. We will run our democracy as we need it to be run – for our own benefit!

In the meantime, go to demonstrations if you will, but remain peaceful at all times.
The idea is to say “No”, to keep out of jail, and to stay alive.

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