Change Must Come – But On Our Terms!

You can almost feel the momentum building. Its not always the articles that you find on the web that indicate this, though of course this is happening too. More telling, perhaps, are the comments from readers, who are becoming decidedly more vociferous in their demands. Take the following page as an example:-

Politics’ new radicals: a special report

“Big politics is in crisis. And the fresh ideas and strong personalities are emerging from what were once regarded as irrelevant fringe parties.”

The article concludes with two questions:-
“Does it feel like the Westminster way of doing things is working?
And if not, who has any better ideas?”

A few of the comments give us the answers immediately:-

NotANumbers Recommend? (107)

“I think I will be voting Green, because I feel the ‘three main parties’ have let me down, and that I don’t think I could vote for UKIP.”

AMian Recommend? (56)

“The main parties have long conned us all; ask yourself how does someone get candidature for the Con party? The fact is that the main parties get the votes simply because they can buy the most publicity.

The best thing that could happen to democracy in this country is to add another box to the ballot paper, one marked ‘none of the above.’ If we don’t like the choices on offer, they have to have a completely new set of candidates.”

qevindee Recommend? (362)

“until there’s a box on the ballot form saying “i don’t agree with this election because it is insultingly undemocratic” i won’t be voting”

CaledonianSmokeball Recommend? (24)

(In response to qevindee)

“until there’s a box on the ballot form saying “i don’t agree with this election because it is insultingly undemocratic” i won’t be voting”

“Go along to the poll and write that comment on your ballot paper. The spoiled papers are all shown to the candidates and agents one by one, so they’ll see what you have written”

Iradical Recommend? (64)

“It is time to redefine politics completely. The current system has failed us for years – it has to go!

There is no shortage of ideas at
but basically the problem seems to be a lack of respect, and a lack of balance.

Respect, in that the elected MP.s seldom give a toss about the people they represent – this seems to be especially true of ministers and prime ministers – and the electorate has total disrespect for the abilities of the MP.s to come up with anything useful for the electorate.

Balance, in that the power of the ballot is usurped from the start, and the rest of the process excludes the electorate completely.

The constituents must control:-
a) Choice of Candidate
b) Possibility of Recall, and
c) The decision to use the Referendum
This would restore balance, and respect would follow automatically.

Political parties? Get rid of the lot of them – they are a hindrance to democracy!”

It is not only the UK that wants change. See “German Pirate Party Attempts to Reinvent Politics”,1518,829451,00.html

“Germany’s Pirate Party has gone from a tiny group of hackers to a significant force in an astoundingly short amount of time. Its growing pains are obvious to all, but the party could succeed in fundamentally changing German politics. First it must agree on what it stands for.”

The most telling part of the article I found here:-

“It only says that the German people are both deeply disappointed with politics-as-usual and have a great longing for something different. Many people no longer trust conventional politicians. They are tired of the rituals, and they want to be consulted. They want to know what is happening and why, and they want to participate and have their say.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it!

Revolt in Holland:- “Dutch crisis puts eurozone debt rescue plans at risk”

“Geert Wilders, the far-right leader, said he could not support the €16bn (£13bn) of cuts needed to meet the 3pc target. He wouldn’t allow Dutch citizens to “pay out of their pockets for the senseless demands of Brussels”. “We don’t want to follow Brussels’ orders. We don’t want to make our retirees bleed for Brussels’ diktats,” he said.”

which led to:- “Dutch government falls in budget crisis”

And now, even Sarkozy has used the dreaded “R”-word. But only in desperation! He will call a Referendum if the Senate blocks the insertion of the “balanced budget” rule into the French constitution, but it is very likely that by doing so he will shoot himself in the foot. I think the French are in no mood to “toe the Merkel line”!

“Sarkozy vows referendum on fiscal rule if needed”

And when all else has failed – what next? The Greeks have an answer for that too!

“Greeks seek austerity trial at The Hague”

“It is rare for citizens to try to take their government to court, and even more so for a Western European government to be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. But that is what one group based near the Greek capital is now attempting.

And the charges are more drastic still. It is alleged that the austerity measures introduced by Greece’s government constitute peacetime genocide and crimes against humanity.”

The present constraints of the political system are being tested as never before. Something has to give, and it will be soon!

Change must come.

What are our terms?