If It Ain’t Broke – Don’t Fix It!

After any election, we usually get the same round of gumph –
the health service needs fixing,
the pensions need fixing,
the rail system needs fixing,
Power generation needs fixing,
Water systems need fixing,
Taxation needs fixing,
and in the UK – The House of Lords needs fixing!

Always, and without fail, the focus is on completely the wrong things.

What doesn’t get fixed?

The House of Commons!

And this is where the most dire reform is absolutely the most necessary.

For how long now have we seen the democratic process usurped by a Prime Minister with a loud voice and a persuasive style.?
For how long now have we had Cabinets full of “yes-men/yes-women”?
For how long now has the Cabinet been ignored when it suited the Prime Minister?
For how long now have free votes been promised, and the promise broken?
For how long now has the decision to go to war been denied the backbenchers – not to mention the general public?

We have to make one single change that is absolutely crucial to the democratic process!

There is one word that is guaranteed to strike terror into the heart of any UK politician, transform him/her from an apparently normal person, (this is the guise of most sociopaths), into a gibbering idiot – possibly foaming at the mouth. In order to prevent this happening, the word itself is carefully controlled by the government, and only allowed out under strict supervision – after a suitable warning period to prevent unseemly displays of stupidity.

The word is – REFERENDUM.

We have to wrest control of not only the word, but also the process itself from the hands of the Government. Why?
Because they will never let us use it!

Look at “Nick Clegg to give ground on Lords reform”

Why does Nick Clegg want to give ground?

“Nick Clegg is preparing to give significant ground on plans to reform the House of Lords in a bid to fight off the need for a referendum on the controversial policy.””

And on what, exactly, is Nick Clegg prepared to give ground?

“Whitehall insiders say that Mr Clegg has said that unless the House of Lords is reformed, he will not support proposed constituency boundary changes that will significantly favour the Tories.

Under the Coalition’s new boundaries plan the number of constituencies will fall from 650 to 600. Nearly half of the seats set to go are currently held by Labour MPs.”

Perhaps I am being a little obtuse, here, but I fail to detect any possible benefit to the general public of either changes to the number of constituencies, or changes to the House of Lords. I do, on the contrary, see some disadvantages if they go ahead:-
a) Anything that will improve the chances of the Conservatives being elected to government has to be seen as negative
b) Filling the House of Lords with yet more “Yes-Men/Yes-Women” speeds up the passage of bad laws as well as good, and removes one of the last components of the system that may possibly still have the plight of the common people at heart.

What’s wrong with Switzerland? They use the referendum regularly!

Nothing at all. It runs like clockwork!