Some Comments About Comments

If comments are allowed, you can assume that they are welcomed.

Comments are set up to require a check before they are allowed to be shown on this site. This is a choice by the person running the blog, and although more work to keep track of, it generally results in a better product overall. Some people may like to allow all comments without a check at all, and then perhaps delete the ones that they don’t like afterwards. WordPress allows you some options in this respect.

Comments come in all shapes, sizes, colours and languages, and may be useful, complimentary, derogatory, difficult to understand, totally unintelligible, or have nothing to do with the article at all.

If someone is using a comment to advertise a product, it is normally classified as Spam, shoved into a separate box and appropriately labelled. However, not all that is labelled Spam actually is Spam, so the author has the choice of changing the label, and publishing it as normal.

If a comment is made by a person that is apparently not a native English speaker – it doesn’t matter, as long as it makes sense somehow. However, it is no use making a comment that cannot be read or understood. This sometimes happens, and when I see Cyrrilic script, I am totally defeated, as I can’t understand it. Such comments are unfortunately removed completely, as I have no way of evaluating whether they are useful or not.

I have been asked if I publish on other sites also, but in general, this is not the case. I have no accounts with Facebook, Twitter, or suchlike social media, for the simple reason that my privacy may be compromised.

If you have posted a comment, but don’t see it displayed, don’t give up hope. It will probably be visible after a couple of days, when I have got round to checking it.

Thanks. Keep ’em coming!


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