Either Hair, or Sex – Not Both!

Bad news for baldies wanting to regain their attractiveness to the opposite sex; – taking these pills will help them, at a price they may not want to pay. Stop taking the pills, and the benefits disappear, but the downsides may not – see the following quotation.

“• Ejaculation disorders (oops!)
• Libido disorders (not tonight, honey)
• Orgasm disorders (still nothing?)
• Erectile dysfunction (life is hard, but you’re not)
• Male infertility (you’re firing blanks, dude…)”

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Merck baldness drugs destroy sperm, cause infertility and ejaculation disorders, even after you stop using them

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UPDATE 1-Sexual side effects added to Merck drug labels

“FDA said sexual side effects were included in the labels of both drugs when they were approved in the 1990s. But in subsequent clinical trials, the side effects were resolved in patients who stopped using the drugs as well as in most patients who continued therapy, the agency said.”

So, the drugs were approved in the 90’s, it is now 2012 – that means it has taken 22 years to get the labelling right? – Ouch!

Do you feel protected?