The Hidden Costs of War

As we have seen all too often, wherever there is conflict, there is also wanton destruction of infrastructure. “Bombing people back to the Stone Age” is certainly not calculated to raise their standard of living – just the opposite, in fact.

And all too often there is no discrimination whatsoever between installations that really needed to be pulled down and rebuilt anyway, and others that have only just been established, possibly with the donation of aid from foreign sources.

Just such a case is reported at –

When Europe Develops, and Israel Destroys

“The European Commission has released a document that lists projects it funded that were destroyed or damaged by the Israel Defence Forces between May 2001 and October 2011. The list documents 82 such instances, amounting to a monetary loss of 49.2 million euro, 30 million of which came directly from European aid.”

In some cases, destruction has nothing to do with conflict – it is just the result of falling foul of the local authorities.

“The study found that the policy of most international aid agencies was to not build without a permit because it would constitute a political confrontation to the occupation, in addition to being laden with bureaucracy. There are exceptions to this. There are two cases of the Spanish and German governments funding solar panels in villages Area C of the Hebron hills. However, in news that stunned many, both projects received demolition orders this year.”

“The recently published record is yet another indicator of the disregard with which Israel treats its European allies’ activities in the occupied Palestinian territories. Last year, it was calculated that Israeli-imposed travel restrictions cost international aid organizations 4.5 million dollars a year”.

So the good citizens of Europe, in their efforts to help the oppressed and downtrodden, have suffered a loss of over 30 million euro, and are still paying to avoid travel restrictions. It is high time someone thought about trying to get this money repaid!

Where do we Send the Bill?