Adding Insult to Injury – No Refund!

Imagine a situation where you had booked a flight, had the booking accepted by the airline, paid for it, and then the airline cancels your ticket.
I, for one, would not feel exactly happy about that, and I can imagine the same would apply to most people.

Now, add to the above, the fact that the airline will not refund the money you have paid, even though you have done absolutely nothing that could possibly warrant such a refusal. In fact, the reason for your flight being cancelled was down to someone else completely.

Can such a thing be happening in this “enlightened age” of ours? It can, and did – in fact to three people!. See below:-

Israel forces airline to cancel tickets of British ‘flytilla’ activists

Of course, the fact that the Israeli authorities have issued a “No Fly” list of unwanted visitors is all highly questionable as far as International Law is concerned. However, the way it has been done at least ensures minimum inconvenience, (provided that refunds are given), and minimises environmental impact – (Coals to Newcastle – and back again). Unlike the Americans, who will not disclose their “No Fly” list with anyone, and inconvenience everyone to the maximum. See my post – “Now Boarding – or Not”.

Ahhh – the costs of Paranoia!!!

If anyone wishes to voice their displeasure with, as I did, they will be unlucky. There is no “Complaints” form on their website, and there is no email address given for matters that are not directly concerned with flights. However, all websites follow a certain pattern, and certain functions are built-in by default to almost all of them.
All websites should have access to the Webmaster, and this is normally possible via two email addresses. These would translate in this particular case to, and If either of these two are functioning, you can request the Webmaster to pass on the information to the relevant personnel within the company.

To Norma Turner, I would say the following:-

“As the airline decided to cancel your ticket, and the cancellation was in no way at your own request or due to your own actions, I consider that any costs you have incurred should be fully refunded. I advise you to take legal action, if the company is not willing to accommodate you on this point.

If, as is alleged, you are an “Activist”, I am sure that you will be fully aware of what other steps you could undertake, and in this case, the target is a lot closer to home than Palestine!”

To activists wishing to support Palestine, I would say the following:-

“It is patently obvious that flotillas and ‘flytillas’ can be easily monitored, controlled and disrupted by those perpetrating the illegal blockage of Gaza. You really need to think outside the box on this matter. Perhaps the suggestions below will stimulate further thought:-
a) A flotilla protected by the Russian or Chinese Navy?
b) A ‘Paratilla’, where activists are parachuted into Gaza, possibly escorted by fighter jets. Could be favourite for the West Bank also.
c) A ‘Subtilla’. Use a submarine to avoid detection.

It never used to be this hard to make a point. What is the world coming to?


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