How to get the Cats out of Mouseland!

This is not a new topic on this blog, by any means, but worth repeating I think under a different guise – anything to get the message home!

Just so you know what this is all about, please watch the video in the previous post, if you haven’t seen it already.

The problem is that the political parties that dominate in all democracies are the people who determine who will be the candidates for any election. It may be existing representatives standing for re-election, it could be someone completely new to politics, but to become a candidate at all, it will be with the blessing of one or the other of the parties – eg. another Cat. (Any colour you want, as long as it is black!).

What exactly does this do for us – the common people of the electorate?

We know that our representative will speak for us, but we cannot tell him what we want him to say.
In many cases, he/she won’t be able to say what they want either, for the party will decide how the votes will be cast.
This is all about the group gaining advantage at the expense of the individual – as it always has been – and it stinks!

Unless we put the individual first, all our systems will be doomed to failure, as others will be able to take control of them.

So, at the next election, what will you see on the ballot papers? The names of the various Cats, of course!
But we don’t want Cats to represent us!
Exactly. So tell the political parties exactly that. Tell them that unless we get Mice on the ballot, we will not be voting for anybody!

How do we do that? Simple – write across each ballot paper the words “NO SUITABLE CANDIDATE”, then fold it, and put it in the box. Job done!


a) It is no use to think that you can do the same thing by not voting. They can put any spin they like on such an action, and it will not count as positive for the mice at all.
b) For the same reason, to avoid spin, you must use the words given above, or the equivalent of them.
c) We need maximum turnout at the polls – invalids, bed-ridden, nearly dead, (complete with drip and Iron Lung), anyone who is mobile, (or can be made so), eligible to vote and still capable of doing so, and they must all be sending the same message – “No Cats. We want Mice”!

In the UK, there is still quite some time before the next election is scheduled – more than enough, I would think to get this thing properly organised. In fact, rather than wait so long, it might be pertinent at this point to give the present government an indication of our displeasure with its performance by signing the following petition:-

Bring Forward The Date Of The Next General Election to 2013

Due to the controversial and far reaching changes this current government are making to the lives of people in the UK without the input of the general public, I propose bringing the date of the next general election forward to 2013, to allow British citizens the chance to exercise their democratic rights, and vote on whether we want the future of our country to be shaped by this government and its policies.”

CHEEEEESE, anybody?

Go for it!

Exploding the Myth!

An excellent article about Capitalism was sent to me, and I want to share it with you.

“Capitalism in the neoliberal version has exhausted itself. Financial sharks do not want to lose profits, and shift the main burden of debt to the retirees and the poor. A ghost of the “European Spring” is haunting the Old World and the opponents of capitalism explain people how their lives are being destroyed. This is the topic of the article of a Portuguese economist Guilherme Alves Coelho.

There is a well-known expression that every nation has the government it deserves. This is not entirely true. People can be fooled by aggressive propaganda that shapes thought patterns, and then are easily manipulated. Lies and manipulations are a contemporary weapon of mass destruction and oppression of peoples. It is as effective as the traditional means of warfare. In many cases, they complement each other. Both methods are used to achieve victory in the election and destroy unruly countries.

There are many ways to handle public opinion, in which the ideology of capitalism has been grounded and brought to the level of myths. It is combination of false truths that are being repeated a million times, over the generations, and therefore become indisputable for many. They were designed to represent capitalism as credible and enlist the support and confidence of the masses. These myths are distributed and promoted via media tools, educational institutions, family traditions, church memberships, etc. Here are the most common of these myths.”

You can either read the rest at the original site –
or here, where it was sent from –

The advantage of going to the Information Clearing House is that you can read the comments beneath the article, and it was here that I found a real gem!

The Story of Mouseland_ As told by Tommy Douglas in 1944

Just think about it – 1944 to 2012 – have we really been asleep for so long?

Now Boarding – or not?

I thought I’d heard it all, but no. They have thought of new restrictions to impose on us, whether they can possibly be justified or not.

Just look at this excerpt from the article “Planning a Trip to Canada or the Caribbean? US Immigration May Have Other Ideas…” –

“One million British travellers planning to fly to Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico this year face the risk of being turned away at the airport – at the insistence of the US Department of Homeland Security.

New rules require British Airways and other airlines flying to certain airports outside America to submit passengers’ personal data to US authorities. The information is checked against a “No Fly” list containing tens of thousands of names. Even if the flight plan steers well clear of US territory, travellers whom the Americans regard as suspicious will be denied boarding.”

And just to ensure that you are inconvenienced to the maximum:-

“Any passenger who refuses to comply will be denied boarding. Those who do supply details may find their trip could be abruptly cancelled by the Department of Homeland Security, which says it will “make boarding pass determinations up until the time a flight leaves the gate … If a passenger successfully obtains a boarding pass, his/her name is not on the No Fly list.” In other words, travellers cannot find out whether they will be accepted on board until they reach the airport.”

The original article can be seen at

A quick run through the comments below it will give you an idea of the vitriolic reaction with which this news item has been greeted.

However, I did not find it first from this site at all but from here;-
and this page has its own set of vitriolic comments below, one of which I am going to quote, as I think it is particularly relevant.

· 2 days ago
what’s the problem here? under agenda 21 and the un charter, after the rest of the us constitution has been pissed on by the us govt, travel is by permission only. that has been broad-public-issue for years now.

where has everyone been while agenda 21 was being implemented? i would say – right here watching it happen. the same will happen with car travel. only by permission. unless you are part of the ruling class.

the un charter is communitarianism – their own word, not mine. you have all had plenty of opportunity to determine this for yourselves. i broached the subject countless times and met with nothing but ridicule.

the transfer is almost complete. you have nothing to complain about. you chose not to see.

you watched it happen. we have about five minutes left to act. shut down the fucking government. shut it down before it can move another inch. stop going to work, take your kids out of school, stop shopping except for food, stop fucking flying(!), stop driving, stop paying taxes…….or accept enslavement. or death. we are at the wire. we must make a clear decision. we must act this very minute. in the next, we will have absolutely nothing left to lose. which is when action is generally feebly attempted. we are on the verge of being ‘too late’.”

I make no apology for repeating the language verbatim, even though I would not use it myself!

I would say we are well past the “Eleventh Hour” folks!