Naive, Mis-informed, or just plain Stupid?

I really have a problem sometimes to decide which of the above descriptions applies.

Take the following article “Britain is being rebuilt in aid of corporate power”, by George Monbiot, for example, at

George is actually saying that David Cameron thinks that business is better off regulating itself, without any government intervention.

Cameron is quoted as saying “those who say business “isn’t really to be trusted” do so as a result of “snobbery”. Business, in fact, is “the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known”.

One wonders what Cameron would say to those who consider that politicians are not to be trusted either. I don’t think that that it has anything to do with snobbery at all, it is just a logical conclusion reached at the expense of bitter experience. Exactly the same is the requirement for more regulation, and not less.

Has Cameron been asleep during the latest financial crisis? Has he so much money that he doesn’t notice the price of food increasing? Is he too busy with his parliamentary agenda perhaps to get his head up from the desk and see what was happening around him in the real world? He can’t seriously be so naive to think that self-regulation works – anywhere! Or can he?

Perhaps he has been misinformed? By some fluke of chance, he has been fed the spin that is normally shoved out to the masses, instead of the real facts?

Just plain stupid? I really wouldn’t have thought so, but there is a problem somewhere. Let’s look a bit further.

“Environmental regulations set to be slashed”

Under the guise of “reducing red tape”, a whole lot of changes are proposed which have the purpose of “reducing the burden on industry”, but have the effect of sweeping away the efforts of years to get our environment anything like cleaned up.

I seriously think that George hit the nail right on the head with his article!

There is loud and vocal opposition to the proposed changes to the NHS, but what do we hear from Cameron?

“David Cameron ready to force through NHS reforms”

“David Cameron ‘prepared to take hit’ on NHS”

Once again we are getting the TINA treatment – (There Is No Alternative) – but we all know full well, (as does Cameron), that there are alternatives, and plenty of them. The easiest to take would be the “I think I’d better think it out again” alternative, or if that is too much trouble, just junk the whole thing and do nothing.

But no, Cameron seems determined to get his “Poll Tax Moment”, which is where the stupidity aspect certainly begins to rear its head.

And just to add a little spice to the mixture, it now appears that the main contenders for NHS business, namely Spire Healthcare, Care UK, Circle Health, Ramsay Health Care, and General Healthcare Group, once safely esconced in long-term contracts, will not be rushing to pay their tax bills into the exchequer after all, having previously made arrangements to keep their tax bills to a minimum.

See “NHS shake-up leaves some private health firms turning to tax havens”

Another article applies:- “An unhealthy business: major healthcare companies use tax havens to avoid millions in UK tax”

I wonder why that old phrase “Laughing all the way to the bank” popped into my head just at this very minute?

Ok, then. So assuming Cameron is not naive, although he is one of the youngest prime ministers on record, (not that being a young prime minister is any recommendation at all, in my book, on the contrary), and assuming that his spin doctors did not go into reverse and feed information the wrong way, and acknowledging that he can’t really be so stupid, or he wouldn’t have got the the position he has now, then what is it that is driving him in the wrong direction?

At this point you have to sit down and assimilate the simple fact that the British Prime Minister is not working for the people in his care at all – he is working against them!

And Cameron is the latest in a long line that have been doing the same thing.

They are all trying to out-do Thatcher!

We used to think of “Selling England by the Pound”, but now it is by the Ton, and it is disappearing very fast!

The Scots have already seen the writing on the wall, (a canny bunch, that), and are doing their level best to desert ship as fast as possible.

If you want to save something of what is still left, then stop electing stupid, lying, cheating politicians!

PS. If the finances are really that bad, we could save a bunch of money very easily, and perhaps solve a lot of the problems the country is currently facing


But make sure you have shares in the company that runs it!