Viral does not mean Truthful!

Yes – I watched the Kony 2012 video too, and very impressive it was. However, for me there was one little problem – the answer to the troubles in Uganda was clearly defined as intervention by America, which I totally disagree with.

Does anyone remember nowadays that a sovereign country has certain legal rights as far as the rest of the world is concerned? One of these is the right to sort out its own internal problems, without intervention from outside. Uganda, the last time I looked, is still a sovereign country, which means that if you are not invited to the party, keep your nose out of it!

I looked around, and sure enough there were others voicing their concerns as well. One of the first I looked at was Rosebell’s Blog, at

Rosebell is a Ugandan multimedia journalist working on peace and conflict issues in the Eastern Africa region, she holds a Masters in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, and has also studied Non-Violent Conflict at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. She should know what she is talking about, and with two articles on her blog, she quite clearly states that the Kony 2012 video is wrong:-
“Hunting Kony; View from former Uganda advisor on LRA ICC case”, and “More perspective on Kony2012”.

The next item that came into view was on Prison Planet – “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed”, which you will find at

This item was by no means complimentary about the video. The summary at the end states;- “Kony 2012 is but another piece of slick propaganda designed to tug on the heart strings – and the purse strings – of ignorant Americans who are clueless about the real reasons why the globalists are now moving into Africa in a big way. Invisible Children’s connections to USAID and thus the CIA should put the effort in context.”

There is one significant word in this statement, and it applied to me in equal measure as to no doubt many others – clueless. I really did not know much at all about the problems involved, and consequently set out to inform myself as well as I could to be able to form a reasonable opinion for myself, and not just accept the exhortations of people like Oprah, or Angelina Jolie.

I scanned through the comments on the “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed” page, and found the following, which I will reproduce in full.

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bedtimefordemocracy Reply:
March 11th, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Alex really needs to go full steam on this one … we all need to go ballistic & strike back really hard at this new kind of Trojan horse attack !

This pernicious psyop is going so viral that the response really needs to be massive, I believe this is a perfect occasion to use the google search call technique & make “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed” the number one search result, there are many good articles exposing this operation – here are a few : )

that should be compiled in a master article to wake up the propagandified people before they spread the contagion …

People need to see & share these videos that expose what the “Invisible Children” are hiding, they need to face the horror of what they are asked to participate in :

“Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth”


Those 2 videos predate this latest hideous war marketing campaign, but they’re perfect video responses to “Kony 2012″ & its many mirrors out there,
(If someone who reads this knows how to post video responses on Youtube, then please, by all means, do it !)

Its over if we let this new participative propaganda concept set a precedent : this is pure insanity : please, Infowars & Infowarriors, please make those videos & the retaliation strato-viral !

And this one needs more views too :

“Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes and Facts”

“Kony 2012″ is indeed an experiment in which the propaganda’s targets become instruments of propaganda themselves, we’re f**ked if we let it become a success, we’re in BIG trouble if we let people become a new breed of lobbyists & financiers of imperialist & genocidal wars !


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There are many other negative comments on this video by now. Inform yourselves. Don’t allow yourselves to be duped – yet again!


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