Why don’t we Want GMO’s?

The first part of the answer is easy:- Nobody has ever proved that they are safe for humans!

I do not intend to justify that comment here, other than to say Google for the phrase “problems caused by genetic modification”.
You can then start at the beginning of the 23,700,000 results, and work your way through until you have your answers.

Too big a number? Ok, then, I’ll get you started!

Go to http://longerhealthylife.net/Don’ts.html

which gives you not only a pile of low-down on GMO’s, but also warns of the dangers of Nanotechnology in the food chain. If that doesn’t give you enough information, I recommend you go to

and download the PDF file “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes”.
Be prepared to spend some time with this document – it is very comprehensive!

The second part of the answer is more complex, and definitely needs an explanation.

Anything that has been genetically modified will be patented. Anything that has been patented is effectively locked up, and you can only have access to it under the conditions imposed by the person or company holding the patent.

Now Google for the phrase “genetic modification goats”. It seems that amazing things can be done with genetic engineering – spiders web from goats milk, goats can produce a drug to prevent blood clots (in humans), goats to produce human breast milk, and would you believe even a Fluorescent Cat?

Its not only goats, by any means. Check this out –
“Pigs to be bred for transplants”, at

However, it doesn’t stop there, and when it starts to impact the food chain, it becomes critical. The video below will show you why I say that.
“Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile.”

And just in case you should think that this does not affect humans directly, think again – it does!
GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed

Ok, so we now know that a certain type of GM corn will make men sterile. If we wish to carry on raising a family, we just have to make sure that we don’t eat that corn – right?

And there is the rub! If nobody in the US is going to allow GM foods to be labeled any differently from normal foods, which is the case at the moment, how do you know what you are eating? You could say, “alright, I’ll just stop eating corn altogether”, but what about your breakfast cereal, and other products derived from corn. Are you going to have them all checked out in the laboratory before you eat them? A very expensive and tedious business!

And who will know when the same treatment has been conferred on other food products? The GM companies, and those interested in promoting male sterility, such as the US government, are not going to stand in line to make sure you are fully informed. They would prefer you to remain in ignorance.

And its not only in the US itself that we need to watch out for problems. Take a look at “GMO – the real story”,

We see that the US has taken over the Family Planning role for countless families in other countries, in fact wherever they ship corn as part of their foreign aid package.

I don’t think we need to talk about ethics at this point, do we?

As Henry Kissinger so rightly said,
“Who controls the food supply controls the people;
who controls the energy can control whole continents;
who controls the money can control the world.”

And this, my friends, is what GMO’s are all about – CONTROL!

Dr. Vandana Shiva made the following statements in the movie “THRIVE”:-

“The giant corporations who had brought us chemicals for chemical/industrial agriculture were talking about 3 instruments to consolidate the food chain.
1. Genetic engineering as a way of control
2. Patenting seed, patenting life as a way of control, declaring seeds to be private property, treating the saving of seed by farmers as a crime, as a theft of intellectual property,
3 Free-trade treaties that would rob ordinary people, farmers, growers, of their freedom to save seed
The design of terminator technology to create sterile seed in order to impose even more dependence of humanity on a handful of corporations is the ultimate step in this.
We are, through what we are doing with seed, literally, for the first time, creating a new colonization – the colonization of the future.”

The next bit is very important. It is Dr. Vandana Shiva again, with another video called “Understanding the Corporate Takeover”.


As yet, the loop has not been completed. Although a large percentage of the world’s seeds are already under lock and key, some have still to be rounded up and controlled. You see farmers can still grow seed to save for future crops, and precisely this is the thing that is under attack, as there is no control over them, and there is no revenue from them. There is a serious attempt to close this loop, and the ACTA legislation would have been part of the latest effort. Fortunately this has been blocked for the time being, but don’t get the impression that it has gone away. That would be very unlikely indeed!

The CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, which are harmonized international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice is intended ostensibly to protect the health of the consumers and ensure fair trade practices in the food trade. However, the foods defined in these standards should hopefully have passed all the relevant safety tests before acceptance. The US is trying to pull a fast one here by saying that anything that has already been given approval in any country should automatically be included in the Codex, but this would mean that their untested GM foods suddenly become “Safe” without any testing at all. This move is being fiercely resisted, and rightly so! We know that genetically modified produce has been given approval for consumption in the US by the FDA, but this does not mean that it has been proved to be fit for human consumption, by any means.

So, what to do now?

Well, you could start by going to the Thrive website and browse to Solutions/What Can I Do?

They have a list of ten actions as follows:-
1. Get Informed, Speak Up & Connect with Others
2. Bank Locally
3. Buy and Invest Responsibly
4. Join the Movement to Audit and End the Federal Reserve
5. Keep the Internet Fair & Open
6. Support Independent Media
7. Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming
8. Require Election & Campaign Finance Reform
9. Advocate for Renewable and “Free” Energy
10. Take Part in Critical Mass Actions

I would also recommend that you take the time to watch the video at

The title is “Vandana Shiva – The Future of Food and Seed”
Its about 1 hour long, but well worth watching!

After that, see what you can do about GMO-Free Zones in your area. We need as many of these as we can get to shut the monster out! Check this out at

Its going to be a struggle, but ‘nil bastardi carborundum’!


Naive, Mis-informed, or just plain Stupid?

I really have a problem sometimes to decide which of the above descriptions applies.

Take the following article “Britain is being rebuilt in aid of corporate power”, by George Monbiot, for example, at


George is actually saying that David Cameron thinks that business is better off regulating itself, without any government intervention.

Cameron is quoted as saying “those who say business “isn’t really to be trusted” do so as a result of “snobbery”. Business, in fact, is “the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known”.

One wonders what Cameron would say to those who consider that politicians are not to be trusted either. I don’t think that that it has anything to do with snobbery at all, it is just a logical conclusion reached at the expense of bitter experience. Exactly the same is the requirement for more regulation, and not less.

Has Cameron been asleep during the latest financial crisis? Has he so much money that he doesn’t notice the price of food increasing? Is he too busy with his parliamentary agenda perhaps to get his head up from the desk and see what was happening around him in the real world? He can’t seriously be so naive to think that self-regulation works – anywhere! Or can he?

Perhaps he has been misinformed? By some fluke of chance, he has been fed the spin that is normally shoved out to the masses, instead of the real facts?

Just plain stupid? I really wouldn’t have thought so, but there is a problem somewhere. Let’s look a bit further.

“Environmental regulations set to be slashed”


Under the guise of “reducing red tape”, a whole lot of changes are proposed which have the purpose of “reducing the burden on industry”, but have the effect of sweeping away the efforts of years to get our environment anything like cleaned up.

I seriously think that George hit the nail right on the head with his article!

There is loud and vocal opposition to the proposed changes to the NHS, but what do we hear from Cameron?

“David Cameron ready to force through NHS reforms”


“David Cameron ‘prepared to take hit’ on NHS”


Once again we are getting the TINA treatment – (There Is No Alternative) – but we all know full well, (as does Cameron), that there are alternatives, and plenty of them. The easiest to take would be the “I think I’d better think it out again” alternative, or if that is too much trouble, just junk the whole thing and do nothing.

But no, Cameron seems determined to get his “Poll Tax Moment”, which is where the stupidity aspect certainly begins to rear its head.

And just to add a little spice to the mixture, it now appears that the main contenders for NHS business, namely Spire Healthcare, Care UK, Circle Health, Ramsay Health Care, and General Healthcare Group, once safely esconced in long-term contracts, will not be rushing to pay their tax bills into the exchequer after all, having previously made arrangements to keep their tax bills to a minimum.

See “NHS shake-up leaves some private health firms turning to tax havens”


Another article applies:- “An unhealthy business: major healthcare companies use tax havens to avoid millions in UK tax”


I wonder why that old phrase “Laughing all the way to the bank” popped into my head just at this very minute?

Ok, then. So assuming Cameron is not naive, although he is one of the youngest prime ministers on record, (not that being a young prime minister is any recommendation at all, in my book, on the contrary), and assuming that his spin doctors did not go into reverse and feed information the wrong way, and acknowledging that he can’t really be so stupid, or he wouldn’t have got the the position he has now, then what is it that is driving him in the wrong direction?

At this point you have to sit down and assimilate the simple fact that the British Prime Minister is not working for the people in his care at all – he is working against them!

And Cameron is the latest in a long line that have been doing the same thing.

They are all trying to out-do Thatcher!

We used to think of “Selling England by the Pound”, but now it is by the Ton, and it is disappearing very fast!

The Scots have already seen the writing on the wall, (a canny bunch, that), and are doing their level best to desert ship as fast as possible.

If you want to save something of what is still left, then stop electing stupid, lying, cheating politicians!

PS. If the finances are really that bad, we could save a bunch of money very easily, and perhaps solve a lot of the problems the country is currently facing


But make sure you have shares in the company that runs it!

Its Time for Drastic Measures!

Its time to take the initiative. For too long we have sat back and done nothing, while our sons have been sent off to die in distant lands, in defense against some purported threat to our freedom and well-being.

How many times have we seen that the threat could have been dealt with by diplomacy, if acted upon in time?
How many times did we find that our own people were in fact the ones generating the threat?
How many times have we seen that the threat didn’t actually exist?

And how many times has an offer to negotiate been rejected outright, or simply ignored?

It is almost as if some people want to go to war!

They do. This is perfectly correct.

There are many reasons for this. For one thing, war is profitable. For another, successful wars bring control of resources and people. Control is necessary to achieve dominance, and with dominance you can do what the heck you like. One item on the list seems to be Agenda 21, which, among other things, calls for a “sustainable population”, which is vastly lower in terms of numbers than the current world population.

There are other ways of achieving this, and they are all being used at the same time. The following extract is taken from

Is Regulation Good for You?

“It is our contention that the modern-day Western elites with whom we find ourselves saddled are after nothing less than world government via what we call mercantilism. This process involves the creation of more and more regulatory fiat, especially in the area of finance, in order to eventually bankrupt nation states in the process of creating ever more aggressive global governance.

Absent this elite and its goal of world domination, a modest amount of government might be tolerable to most people. But unfortunately, as is often the case, unscrupulous elites have hijacked the process for their own ends. Regulation, in the hands of these people, is a kind of weapon.

Conclusion: One way to blunt this weapon is to reduce the size and clout of government. Another way is to try to drop out of the system as much as possible. You won’t be missing much. These days, governance is not your friend, if it ever was.”

There are already two moves to reduce the clout of government, and they need your support!

The first is an e-petition on the UK government website – “Compulsory UK war referendums”, at

The second is the same thing on 38 Degrees website, http://www.38degrees.org.uk/
“Require a Referendum before war may be declared.”

To find this, click on “Campaign Ideas”, and search for “Require”. It will be about the third item in the list. As yet, this is only a suggestion for a campaign. To get this to the campaign stage, it needs lots of votes. Please do what you can to help.

For other countries, petitions will have to be started. See what tools you have available to get the job done.

By the way, one of the election campaign promises in the UK was that the facility of “Recall” would be passed into law. This is where the electorate in any constituency can vote to get rid of their MP if he/she is not doing what they want. This is a very important tool for democracy, and we need it. Do what you can to bring this back into mainstream again, for it seems to have disappeared off the radar at the moment.

Lets get started, and beat this thing!

Viral does not mean Truthful!

Yes – I watched the Kony 2012 video too, and very impressive it was. However, for me there was one little problem – the answer to the troubles in Uganda was clearly defined as intervention by America, which I totally disagree with.

Does anyone remember nowadays that a sovereign country has certain legal rights as far as the rest of the world is concerned? One of these is the right to sort out its own internal problems, without intervention from outside. Uganda, the last time I looked, is still a sovereign country, which means that if you are not invited to the party, keep your nose out of it!

I looked around, and sure enough there were others voicing their concerns as well. One of the first I looked at was Rosebell’s Blog, at http://rosebellkagumire.com/

Rosebell is a Ugandan multimedia journalist working on peace and conflict issues in the Eastern Africa region, she holds a Masters in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, and has also studied Non-Violent Conflict at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. She should know what she is talking about, and with two articles on her blog, she quite clearly states that the Kony 2012 video is wrong:-
“Hunting Kony; View from former Uganda advisor on LRA ICC case”, and “More perspective on Kony2012”.

The next item that came into view was on Prison Planet – “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed”, which you will find at http://www.prisonplanet.com/kony-2012-hoax-exposed.html

This item was by no means complimentary about the video. The summary at the end states;- “Kony 2012 is but another piece of slick propaganda designed to tug on the heart strings – and the purse strings – of ignorant Americans who are clueless about the real reasons why the globalists are now moving into Africa in a big way. Invisible Children’s connections to USAID and thus the CIA should put the effort in context.”

There is one significant word in this statement, and it applied to me in equal measure as to no doubt many others – clueless. I really did not know much at all about the problems involved, and consequently set out to inform myself as well as I could to be able to form a reasonable opinion for myself, and not just accept the exhortations of people like Oprah, or Angelina Jolie.

I scanned through the comments on the “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed” page, and found the following, which I will reproduce in full.

* * * * *

bedtimefordemocracy Reply:
March 11th, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Alex really needs to go full steam on this one … we all need to go ballistic & strike back really hard at this new kind of Trojan horse attack !

This pernicious psyop is going so viral that the response really needs to be massive, I believe this is a perfect occasion to use the google search call technique & make “Kony 2012 Hoax Exposed” the number one search result, there are many good articles exposing this operation – here are a few :




blackstarnews.com/news/135/ARTICLE/8014/2012-03-11.html )

that should be compiled in a master article to wake up the propagandified people before they spread the contagion …

People need to see & share these videos that expose what the “Invisible Children” are hiding, they need to face the horror of what they are asked to participate in :

“Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth”


Those 2 videos predate this latest hideous war marketing campaign, but they’re perfect video responses to “Kony 2012″ & its many mirrors out there,
(If someone who reads this knows how to post video responses on Youtube, then please, by all means, do it !)

Its over if we let this new participative propaganda concept set a precedent : this is pure insanity : please, Infowars & Infowarriors, please make those videos & the retaliation strato-viral !

And this one needs more views too :

“Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes and Facts”

“Kony 2012″ is indeed an experiment in which the propaganda’s targets become instruments of propaganda themselves, we’re f**ked if we let it become a success, we’re in BIG trouble if we let people become a new breed of lobbyists & financiers of imperialist & genocidal wars !


* * * * *

There are many other negative comments on this video by now. Inform yourselves. Don’t allow yourselves to be duped – yet again!