Blood on their Hands!

The editorial management of the Sunday Times in the UK started a chain of events that led to the deaths of some 12 (or 13) Syrians. They were killed while evacuating an injured British photographer along a smuggling route organized by AVAAZ.

The photographer, Paul Conroy, should not have been in Syria at all. Foreign journalists, etc. have been strictly banned by the government, and Conroy was therefore acting illegally. The Sunday Times editorial management was complicit in this illegal act, as they had instigated it in the first place.

AVAAZ, which was supposedly a device for exerting political pressure on governments in order to change the world for the better, has morphed into an organization that takes a deliberate hand in setting up smuggling routes, supplying medical aid, etc. As such it has become the tool of the powers that are seeking to achieve political change in Syria – from the outside. This is external interference in the function of a sovereign country – and they have no business to be there. They have blood on their hands too!

The problems in Syria are not – repeat not – all home-grown. This revolution has been carefully engineered. Where else have we seen snipers involved in demonstrations – snipers that don’t belong to the demonstrators or the government forces? They are “agents provocateur” who are being deliberately used to escalate the crisis. There has been a deliberate program of interference from outside the country, which was supposed to have led to a call for humanitarian intervention, as in Libya. This was blocked by the Chinese and Russian veto, and now there is a mad scramble to find another way to justify direct intervention in the country – with or without UN sanction. Not that UN sanction seems to mean much nowadays anyway. It appears that the UN can be as easily manipulated as anything else, and ends up practically rubber-stamping external aggression in a sovereign country under the pretense of “saving lives”.

As for idiots who say “We must arm the rebels to save lives”, they must either have no conception of the function of a weapon at all, or they are blatantly lying. Let us be quite clear about one thing. The purpose of a gun is to kill something. If a demonstrator does not have one, he is unlikely to kill anyone, especially if there is an armed police action at the demonstration. If a demonstrator does have a gun, there is a possibility that he will use it, and someone will die as a result. Arming the rebels can only lead to more deaths – not fewer!

If you want news of what is happening in Syria, don’t go to any of the main news media for it – they are all in cahoots with a concerted drive to distort the truth in order to sway public opinion.

The public should be clamouring for a cease fire.

The public should be clamouring for a withdrawal of all external influences in Syria, including AVAAZ.

The public should be clamouring for the right of a sovereign country to decide its own fate, without external inference.

A starting point for reasonable news could be the “Syrian Girl” series of videos on YouTube. See what else you can find there.


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