Unleash the Power of the Proxy.

Given the fact that in order to register protest at any government action, we must say”No” to it effectively, we are now looking for more efficient ways of doing exactly that.

The fact that a representative is elected, means that enough people have given him/her their “Proxy” to ensure a majority in any particular constituency.

A proxy is defined as:- The authority to represent someone else, esp. in voting, A person authorized to act on behalf of another.

A proxy must be documented in one way or another. In the case of an election, it is documented through the process of balloting.

It may well be the case that an elected representative does not act in the best interests of the people that elected him/her, in their opinion. In order to do anything about that, they have to make it known that they are saying ‘No”. There are already established ways of doing this, by letter, or email, for example, but they all work on an individual basis, and a single individual carries very little weight in any argument.

What we are really looking for is the power of numbers – large numbers – as big as possible – big enough to become persuasive. How do we get them?

By giving someone else our proxy!

Just because we have given one to our government representative, does not mean that we can’t give another one to somebody else. The big difference here though is, that we will only give it to someone we are certain will do exactly what we want!

Lets take an example.

The Stop the War Coalition plans a rally and calls for activists to come and demonstrate. They hope, of course, for the largest number of people they can muster. But what if it was not only people? What if it was people with proxies? The number of persons attending the rally must then be multiplied by the number of proxies that have been issued for this particular purpose!

This is how I envisage this working:-
1. An activist talks to as many people as possible before a rally, to persuade them to give him/her their proxy – by signing a simple form, which should be witnessed.
2. He wears prominently on his clothing the number of proxies he is holding when he attends the rally.
3. Rally organisers group activists according to the number of proxies they hold, and confirm the documentation.
4. Each group totals the number of persons plus proxies, and displays this number prominently.
5. The total number of people saying “No”, is then easily calculated by adding the sums of the different groups together. The total is also displayed prominently.

If this doesn’t start to become persuasive, I don’t know what will.