The Plot Thickens!

On the 3rd January this year, I spotted an interesting article by Simon Jenkins on the Guardian website entitled “Why is Britain ramping up sanctions against Iran?”

This page was generating a lot of comment, and after reading through everything, I decided to join in. In all, I made 3 comments. Unfortunately, the third one was removed by a moderator. The offending comment was in response to another persons comment, which had conveyed the impression that the Guardian was not as independent as it claimed, but was in fact biased. My reply was to refer the readers to the following web page:-
which is entitled “This Is How Israel Runs The British Press”.

Our old friends have not been asleep at all. On the contrary, they seem to have been very busy indeed, but quietly so.

In a very short space of time, not only had my comment been redacted out by a moderator, but also the original comment to which I had replied was no longer to be found – anywhere!

Now this is really unusual. It is common enough to see “This comment has been removed by a moderator. Any replies may also be removed”, but the original header remains in place. In this case it had gone completely, even from the list of comments under the poster’s profile!

Read the referenced article for yourselves, and make up your own minds. My own feeling is that with friends like these . . . .