The Law Sometimes Works Against Us.

Although, in general, laws are in place for our own benefit and protection, this is not always the case. Indeed, there have been several instances of laws being passed that have evoked such severe public reaction, that they were hastily repealed again. Even though reaction to new laws may not be so extreme, this does not mean that they are popular, or even necessary. If this should be the case, then how on earth do they appear on the statute books at all?

The culprit is something called TACIT AGREEMENT.

The law simply says that if you did not say “No”, then you must have said “Yes”.

This has the same effect as Abstention, where you deliberately leave others to make the decisions for you, but is even simpler, as you are not required to do anything at all – not even say that are going to abstain.

The ramifications of this simple fact are enormous.

It is not sufficient to say “No” while jumping up and down on your bed, seething in anger.
It is not sufficient to say “No” while you are debating the latest political disaster with your mates down the pub.
It is not sufficient to say “No” in the middle of the town square – even if you have arranged for a television crew to get this act onto the evening news for you, and you are standing on your head at the time.

Sorry. “No” has to be said at the right place, and at the right time!

“No” has to be said in a very prominent public place, and at the same time as thousands of other people are also saying “No”. It needs to attract media attention, and it needs to be big enough to be persuasive.

Now this is all highly inconvenient, I will admit, but there is no other choice but to get off your butt and join a peaceful demonstration somewhere. But be aware that the government would very much prefer that you did not do this, and may well find ways and means to ram their point home.

It is almost as if you will be immediately outlawed if you don’t keep your mouth shut, (abstain), or say “Yes”.

Welcome to Democracy!