Clarity in the midst of chaos.

The European Union is going through a period of turmoil at present, with doubts being voiced as to the viability of the project altogether, and especially as to the viability of the Euro as a currency. Although the principle cause for alarm is Greece, other countries ie. Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy are giving serious concern also. Even the UK is looking wobbly.

The reasons for all of this are fundamentally a failure of Democracy. This is not to say that Democracy has failed as such but that it has been deliberately sabotaged over the years.

The regulations and safeguards that had been carefully put into place after World War 2 to assure stability of the system have been eroded by a system of lobbying against them on behalf of people that wish to take control. Lobbying has for the most part been done in secret, the public only realizing that something has happened after the event, ie. when deregulation had already taken place.

Deregulation led to excessive risks being taken, which inevitably became unmasked when the financial system collapsed. Unfortunately, instead of applying the principle of “The polluter pays” as should have been done, the general population has been forced to pick up the bills for the mistakes of others – if indeed they were mistakes. There is enough indication to suspect that this whole collapse has been deliberately engineered, with the intent of furthering the ends of those that seek Global Control.

Rather than describe in detail here the reasons for this suspicion, I refer the reader to an article by Richard K Moore – “The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order” – which can be found at

I strongly recommend that everybody reads Richard Moore’s article, and understands its full implications.

The one thing that is now abundantly clear, of course, is that Democracy is not wanted any more, and is to be suppressed whenever it gets in the way.

We only need to see the reaction of Sarkozy and Merkel to the proposal made by the Greek prime minister George Papandreou to hold a Referendum. It was one of shock, horror, incredulity, and it immediately evoked a European denial of the Greek proposal.

The message is plain enough. The Referendum is one of the basic tools of Democracy, and is used whenever it is deemed necessary to respond to the wishes of the majority of the electorate. This tool is commonly used in Switzerland, where approximately 3 referenda per year are held, but unfortunately, most other governments prefer not to use it. Mr Papandreou’s intention may have been to force a Consensus government, and he may have been indulging in brinkmanship, as has been suggested. We will probably have to wait for his memoirs to know that for sure. However, it seems that most of the European Union governments are not interested in the wishes of the electorate at all, except at election time.

Is Democracy dying? Is it, in fact, already dead?

If we consider the farce that nowadays passes for an election, you may choose from a number of preselected candidates only, who may or may not be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the constituency in which you live. This is tantamount to saying – “You can have any colour you like – as long as it is Black!” Whichever party you will vote for, the outcome will be similar, as members of government are not the persons that decide policy. The elites do that, using their lobbyists as messengers.

We can expect that as integration of nations continues, there will be less and less opportunity for the ordinary person to make his/her opinion known, and his/her wishes acted upon. We should be absolutely clear that this is the road we should, and wish to take. If we prefer Democracy to subservience, now is the time to change course, – or move to Switzerland.