Gaza Appeal

You will, no doubt, be aware of the present humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The Disasters Emergency Commitee (DEC) has requested air-time from various broadcasters to launch an appeal for donations. The BBC has decided that on the grounds of  ‘partiality’, it is unable to grant the request, and other broadcasters have also declined. There is a BBC statement to this effect at

The result is that  DEC will be unable to meet most of its target requirements, as the money will not be available.

We can do something about that. For those of you that run your own blog, a quick post with a link to the DEC website  would help to compensate for the lack of air-time.

The  Disasters Emergency Commitee website is at

Developments in modern munitions, which have been tested on live targets in Gaza, have redefined the meaning of the word suffering.

Please see what you can do to help!

New Developments:-

Protests at the BBC’s decision are being organised, with a demonstration outside its London HQ scheduled. See

If you wish to register your own protest, use the BBC’s complaint system at and make sure you ask for a reply!

Was the BBC right to take this attitude? You can judge for yourself by watching the appeal at Gaza Appeal